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After a few weeks of no news from Little Creek, I’ll try to catch up.

I am ecstatically happy to report that Newt Delp is home and has accepted Jesus as his Savior and now is assured that he will make heaven his home.

I called Jo today (Saturday) to get her news and she had company so we didn’t visit long.  Jim and Audrey Turner were there visiting.

I went to town with Karen Friday but didn’t see anyone I know except Barb Smith who was working.  She told us about J.C. and how well he was doing.  It’s always good to get a hug and any update from Barb and good to be with Karen and be out and about.

I have been going to church for services and Sunday school on Sundays where I get to enjoy studying with my church family.

I haven’t had visitors but my caregivers, Nicole and Kayla have been with me every weekday, Nichole four days and Kayla one.  They are efficient and caring and I miss Nicole on weekends.  I only wash my few dishes and make my bed and then leave the hard things for her to do next week.

I went to quilting club Wednesday and enjoyed my friends.  They completed one quilt and got another in the frames.  The second quilt is nearing completion.  I appliquéd and enjoyed the comraderie.

Kasey and Terry got moved into their new home and are working in the yard and garden.  They are making it look nice.

Greg and Karen, like everyone else, are watering their plants.  We’re praying for rain.   Something got into the pen and killed Greg’s little chickens, possibly a coon. He’s not giving up for he now has more little chicks.

Kevin got his hay baled and I think most everyone in our community got ahead of the worms.

I’ll finish my items this Monday morning.  Everything looks pretty after the refreshing rain of yesterday.  It is cool and clean looking and maybe the dust is settled for a few days.

Yesterday’s church services were reverent and inspiring.  Burr brought the message and I was proud.  It was an anointed word from the Bible.

We came home and fixed dinner and enjoyed sitting on the porch afterward until the rain stopped.  Most of the rain went around and to the southeast of us.

My grandson, Aaron, came by before returning to Springfield.  He looks so good and says he likes his job.  He plans on classes this fall and winter and will continue to work.  I’m so thankful that he has a chance at a bright future.

Jim and Jean Frye visited Newt and Jo Delp one day last week as did Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ray and several other friends.  Newt is expecting his sister Barbara this week for an extended visit.

Danny and Jamie Dry had dinner with Jim and Jean Sunday after church.

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