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Remember the tent revival started Monday, May 21-26.  Jerry Loveland is Monday night and James Orick Wednesday night.  Names of the others were left out last week, Jon Mitchell, Jr., Alex Harrison, Lloyd Hart and Bro. Hargis.  By Monday we should know who preaches what night.  For  more information 683-5112 or 683-2689.

Everyone welcome, come looking for a blessing.   There will be good singing each night. You are welcome to share your gospel music with us.

Sunday both teachers were out so I taught the primary.  I enjoyed that at Garrison Church.  Lisa Ellison sang a special and Melany Stevens sang a song.  We had 63 again, some were not there.  If everyone came, the same Sunday we would have a big crowd.  It just doesn’t work that way.  More people get the spirit going and we had that.  Pastor James Orick brought the message.  Bible says if two or three gather in my name, I will be there, but He is happy if we put Him first.  It also says to assemble ourselves together.  More people more likely someone will be saved.  That’s what all the churches want that believe in our Savior.

I hope we receive a rain.  Farmers hay crops are not yielding as much hay as last year.

Sunday night several wanted to have church at 6:30.  Some churches dismiss for Memorial. They usually do, but glad they wanted to keep the doors open.  Come join us.  Sunday school 10:00 am, church 11:00 am.  If your church closes Sunday night we would love to have you.

Happy 45th wedding anniversary to  Rod and Marylin Alms.

Monday we stopped and saw Cecellia and Charity Williams at her grandma, Sybil Harvill’s.  The Williams had supper at Cecellia’s dad’s, Mike and Joyce’s.  Gracie Williams also joined several family members for visiting and eating.

Saturday James and me visited at David, Junior and Betty Halcomb’s.

Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson attended Ava graduation Saturday night and later visited at Mark Day’s for a wiener roast and visiting with others.

Looked like Jerry Nelson had several at his house Sunday.

Monday evening Janie Morrison and sister-in-law, Jean Loomis are going to Hammons Center to see Janie’s great grand-daughter, Dylan graduate from Glendale High School in Springfield.

Janie and George Morrison attended church Sunday night at Union Hill.  Clint Johnson preached, services were dismissed at Mt. Olive Sunday night.  Bill and Sue Guerin visited Garrison church.  We had a good altar service.  The spirit was flowing at both services.  God blessed James with two good messages.

Have a safe Memorial week-end and a fun time with family and friends.  To me its sad time, but our loved ones would not want us to grieve.  Do remember all the good memories.

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