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I hope all of you good mothers had a great day Sunday.  One mother, did at Garrison Church.  Her daughter was saved.  She can always remember that.  63 present.  Justin sang two special songs. Lisa Ellison sang one and her grandson and her sang one.  He is so cute. He asked Lisa if he could tell his mom he loved her.  So he had the mic in his hand and before he sang he said, “Mom, I love you.”  He had a cute shirt on, it read, “Gone Fishin’.”  Lisa told him he was a good son and I do agree.

We went to Chadwick School to help set the chairs out for the Baccalaureate service.  They had it done.  James helped Bally carry the Bibles in, that they gave out.  Sunday night a good number attended the Baccalaureate 2012, for eighth and Sr. classes of Chadwick.  We wish them a great future.  Program as follows: prelude – Pat Allen, moderator – Lloyd Hart, First Baptist Church, opening prayer – John Mitchell, Oakwood Baptist Church, American flag – Brie Smith, Christian flag  – Elizabeth Hahn, songs – Oldfield Full Gospel Church and Melanie Stevens, Garrison Baptist Church, message – James Orick, Garrison Baptist Church, Bible presentation – Bally Johnson, Union Hill Church, Alex Harrison, Oldfield Full Gospel, benediction – Jerry Loveland, Chadwick Baptist Temple.

Young people have so much to face.  Our world is in a bad shape, going against God and the Bible.  What a mess our leaders are getting into.  Plus not letting God and the Bible lead them.  Money sure turns people’s heads.  When they know they are doing wrong and struggle with what is right and wrong and still do wrong.

Several were at Jerry Nelson’s as we came home Sunday.  Jerry Powell is back from the Navy.  I don’t know if it is permanent or he has to go back for a while.  Ervin and Sandra Maggard and their daughter, Valerie Austin and her son, Shelby and friend, Lacey, were Mother’s Day guests of Ervin’s mom, Iona Maggard.

Remember the tent revival at Chadwick.  Jerry Loveland preaches Monday night, James Orick preaches on Wednesday night.  May 21st – May 26th, singing starts at 6:30 p.m. and services start at 7:30 p.m.   Everyone is welcome, singers and listeners, come help us.

For more information call: (417)683-2689 or (417)683-5112.

Janie Morrison went to church at Union Hill with her son, Bo for Mother’s Day.  Her husband, George took her out to eat.  Rhonda had to work but sent a gift and Bo got her a gift and she received calls from the kids.   Phyllis Bloomer visited Janie Sunday and the Morrisons visited their cousin, Dorrellene of Ozark.  Have a good week end.

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