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This Weeks News – A hot Saturday for the month of May. Jerry and Donna Loveland went to Fair Grove, Missouri to watch their grandson, Jake, in a track meet. Sparta boys are doing good.

Baccalaureate Service at Chadwick School is May 13 at 6:30 p.m. Sunday night. Rev. James Orick will be the speaker. We wish the Seniors a very good future ahead.

Welcome to the 5th Annual Old-Fashioned Tent Revival located on Chadwick Road in Chadwick, Missouri. It is sponsored by Ava churches and will be May 21-May 26, preaching starting at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to bring their music and help us out.

On Sunday 54 were present at Garrison Church. Justin and Lisa did a special. Dana and Cheyenne Lafferty visited and it is always good to see them. We welcome all our visitors.

Sunday night James preached another good message. One man said I can’t figure it out. I got blessed Sunday but even better Sunday night. Justin sang specials for us.

Melany Stevens was spending some time at her sister’s in Bolivar. We missed her. She is starting another women’s study on the book of Exodus. She and Hailey Roberts work with young girls and she reported around 10 were saved. Not exact on the number, but that’s great.

Last Weeks News – Sunday 55 were present at Garrison. We sure missed the piano players. James brought the message. Sunday we stopped by Claudine Stener’s. She wasn’t feeling well. We had prayer with her. Rev. Dennis Downs brought the Sunday night message. We had a good altar service and James sang.

Friday we enjoyed Teena Johnson coming over. We hope her garden project works out. She got several filleted fish for it. Due to lack of communication Jolly came by from work and we got to visit with him too. Of course, James’ highlight of the evening was Teena had brought him some homemade chocolate candy. It sure passed the evening by for two old people. Teena is doing a ladies Bible study at church. We wish her the best in it. We can’t do too much for God.

Donnie Cummings got hurt on a skid steer. A limb hit him cutting his lips and inside his mouth. He ended up with 80 some stitches. Brenda said he was really swollen.

It’s been a busy week. We visited at the hospital with Claudine, Jim Evans and Juanita Powell. Rev. Bill Applegate was in the same hospital, but we didn’t know it. Hope everyone gets well soon.

Gracie Williams called and she and Alice Nelson, Jane Pruett and Jackie Nelson went out to eat to celebrate Gracie and Alice’s birthdays. Jane spent some time with Jackie and attended church with her. They enjoy sewing together. I called but I guess they had left. James and me were going to see Jane at Jackie’s. I’m glad Jane is able to get out and enjoy life. She is a great lady in our book.

Saturday we went to Nixa and got some plants and seeds. Our purpose was to go to Hearts For Her Open House at Nixa School. Two of our young ladies, Melany Stevens and Haley Roberts teach young girls. God has called them. They teach good morals and lots more. They do it on their own. They get some donations. Remember them in your prayers.

Saturday I talked to Connie Siler and she and her friend, Deb Hall, were going to sew at her house.

Dana Lafferty visited us Friday evening. Jolly Johnson and David Halcomb also visited.

James and me visited Clara Lafferty in Ava. Clara, me, Shirley Halcomb, Deb Whitaker, Irene Swearenging and Betsy Conrad had some good times together. We had lots of good laughs.

Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson had several to help work cattle Saturday. It sure was hot.

Several are seeing snakes. Beware the copperheads are out and about, along with the rest of them. Army worms are invading. Some locals have had the visitors all ready.

John and Connie Siler and granddaughter, Adalynn, visited Junior and Betty Halcomb. I visited and got some real good lettuce. I stopped by and visited Sybil Harvill and her son, Gary, stopped by.

Visitors of George and Janie Morrison were Phyllis Bloomer and granddaughters, Emma and Alley, Bo, Calab and Jayme Morrison and her friend and Kent Daughtery and son, Austin, Brandon and Kevin and Junior and Betty Halcomb.

Opal Applegate is not doing very good health wise, remember her in your prayers.

It’s been a strange year for blackberries blooming,  Turkey season was odd this year. Everything is early. This Monday morning the rain sure sounds good. Our garden sure needed a good drink of water. That heavenly rain is so much better than the cold well water.

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