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Hello from our home to your home, today is May 1st and Resident’s Council Day, the day we all gather with the staff and discuss things we would like  to change or to see happen.  Our staff officers listen and digest our suggestions and discuss them and the possibilities or alternatives and come to a decisions of what can be done.  It is a privilege to have a voice in our care and the home.  We, also get to decide on the menu for a special resident meal, which we have once a month, of course, we can’t please everyone every time, but we vote on the menu suggestions and majority vote wins.

It is especially a busy day for Connie, our activities director because she has the new month’s activities bulletin to post on the board.  She makes it beautiful and appropriate for the season.  She takes many pictures of the residents in activities and posts them on other bulletin boards down east and west hallways.  This is a busy place!

Bro. Tom Hawkins had a very good Bible Study on Monday morning, followed by games in the afternoon.  Evelyn Harper from Hospice Compassus called games in the afternoon and brings candy, both regular and sugar free, for prizes.  We are getting a real big crowd for games time on Tuesday. Ha!

In the afternoon Whitney Pollard and Sara Johnson from Three River Hospice are our manicurists.  They do our finger nails and make us feel special by visiting with us and asking about what we are doing each day.  It makes us feel good.

Wednesday we went on a trip to Sonic for ice cream treats  then we went out West 76 to T Highway West to Mound Community and Tom Hawkin’s farm, then came by Maxine Lirleys’ home and by Willene Adams’s home place and Goodhope Cemetery.  It was good to see our places again and we stopped at Connies’ nice little homestead and visited with Mike, her husband.  We got to see where little Cooper is buried, Mike has made it a peaceful place to be.  Darlene Sorenson called games in the afternoon.  Thursday we finished the puzzle we were doing and chose another one to start.  We are working on multiple butterflies for us to do next.  It looks very challenging.  For the afternoon games Pebbles Jones and Warren Gunter volunteers from Three Rivers Hospice , suprised us with bananas and apples for our treats.  This is a first and so refreshing-but, of course we love anything.

The Sunshine Group was here with music today.  We love this group.  They are so faithful and sing the good old songs we like and can sing along with them.

Some new players have been coming with them, 2 other guitar players and a harmonica player and one sings real well, too.  It it all good and apppreciated.

And tonight is Bro. Mike Santo’s night to be with us with a message of hope and comfort.

On Saturday morning we had church ledy by Bro. Tom Hawkins after music by Norma Stillings.  In the afternoon a good game of Pokeeno.

Several residents had family visiting with them this weekend.  Just to name a few  Wanda Moore son, Kyle and family visited from Arkansas, Wanda was overjoyed to see them because their visits are few and far between.  Robert and Angie Adams had their family visiting with them.

Sunday afternoon the Mound Baptist Church came in for worship with us with a large group for singing and special numbers and a time of visiting afterward for fellowship.  Especially enjoyed by Tom Hawkins as this is his home community and many were friends of Maxine, Willene and others also.

Just a reminder to everyone, we will be having National Nursing Home Week starting on May 13th with a Mother’s Day Tea, and Thursday the 17th will be the volunteer tea.  Please make plans to attend.

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are  Norma Denney, Iris Carpenter, Marietta Reed and Newt Delp.  Congratulations on Norma Denney, Charles Briscoe,  Betha Matthizetz and Richard Hadeen on getting to go home.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the family of Magdalena Otteson, she was a very special lady and her family and friends will be missed.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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