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Gentry Church

Joie Welker opened with prayer then in our Sunday school class we studied John Chapter 9 on healing the blind man. Jesus is the source of living water, source of spiritual light and source of truth. We are more able to face difficult decisions in our lives when we know Jesus.

After hearing many prayer requests,  happy birthday wishes went out to Wanda Casady and Joanna Huffman.

Happy anniversary wishes went to Riley and July Hall and Narvil and Beverly Tetrick.

Our special song was done by our men’s group.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from Matthew 6:19-34. “What does a man profit if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul.  Lay not up treasures on Earth but lay up treasures in Heaven.”

In our evening service many testimonies were given and our special song was by the choir.

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