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Friendship News

Church started Sunday morning by singing “What A Day That Will Be”.  Ronnie Epps took over as superintendant.  Prayer by Sister Annabell Walker.

Sunday school lesson was “A Primer For Relationships” Proverbs 25:6 – 24, taught by Ronnie Epps.  After a good Sunday school lesson we sang several songs. Specials were Lena Ingram, Elsie Atchison, “Little Is Much When God Is In It”.

Brother Stacy Shepherd brought the message. He read Hebrews 11:17 – 19. He prayed then read Luke 14:18-32.  After a good message we dismissed by Stacey Shepherd.  Sunday night services started with singing several songs.  Specials were Lena Ingram, Elsie Atchison, sang “Because He Lives”.

Ronnie Epps took the service.  Prayer by Sister Vera Dixon.  Ronnie read Jonah 1:1-17, Chapter 2:1-10, Chapter 3:1-10, Chapter 4:1-11.  After a good discussion we were dismissed by Sister Lena Ingram.

Sunday May 6 will be a Communion service at Friendship, with regular service in the morning,  lunch at noon, back at 1:30 for Communion service.  Everybody welcome.

Tuesday visitors of Elsie Atchison were Mona Price, Shelly Bell, Jennifer Willis; visiting Wednesday were Gary Atchison, and Deanna Porter.   Friday visitors were Charlie Heinlein, Deanna Porter, Mona Price, Lena, Peyton Ingram, and Aaliyah Irby.  Saturday Gary Atchison visited.  Those visiting Elsie Sunday were Noel, Donna Atchison, Lena, Peyton Ingram and Aaliyah Irby.

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