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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello, I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  I need to wish some of our kids, congratulations on graduation.  We had several 8th graders graduate at Plainview and as far as I know only one senior.  We are very proud of our youth here at Eastern Gate.  I for one think we have a great group of kids, but some of them seem to be growing up on us.  We do wish them the very best life has to offer and even better then that we wish for them, the wisdom to allow God to guide their footsteps.

We had a lot of younger kids at church Sunday morning which was great, after all Sunday was youth day.  Sunday night we started at 5:30 with a bible lesson for the youth.  The adults that come early always enjoy a visit on the front porch.  When it was time for church, we gathered in and started with Esther at the piano and Jenny leading the songs.  We had Jon stand by the guys to help with the bass.  Sometimes I wonder if they are even moving their mouths to try to sing.  We had lots of special songs.  My youth class sang one we had practiced in class.  They were: Crissie, Grace, Evan, Annie, Millie and Chloe.  They sang a song about sharing.  Crissie and Annie sang a song.  Crissie sang a solo and Grace and Jon sung a song together.  We had a few testimonies.

For a little something extra, we had a quiz on mothers and who their children were.  I for one have a hard time remembering names of people.  Our kids did a great job.  Sometimes they amaze me with how much they remember of the lessons they learn during Sunday school.  My mother and my sister and brother-in-law were always really good at naming places and people in the Bible . Maybe I need to study a little harder.  It shows that we never know enough to stop studying and trying to learn more of God’s word.  After our Quiz, Donald gave a little talk and then we ate and had a great time fellowshipping with one another.

I didn’t make it to see my mother this week, I had a house full of grandkids and we had a lot of fun.   We played in the water, and had a picnic.  Thank goodness for a big yard.  Dustin’s kids were here Saturday and Shawn brought Alex to spend the night with us.  Logan got sick and had to go to the doctor for an ear infection, so we also kept Rilee and Courtney for the night.  Shawn and Miranda came out Sunday and ate lunch with us.

Everyone at church has been praying for rain to help our gardens grow.  I heard a lady pray for rain and then someone said that they got some rain Sunday afternoon.  We all need to join together and pray for some rain.  We also need to join together and pray for this great nation of ours that we start heading in the right direction.  We need to keep God and his commandments as our guides to live by.

Have a wonderful week and may some rain fall on your garden, and may God’s love fill your heart.

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