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Here is some news to make you barf.  According to Channel 13 News in/from Indiana, undocumented workers using special cards provided by our government (as they don’t have legal Social Security numbers) are filing for Additional Child Tax Credits.  For instance, four families used the same Indiana address although only one undocumented person lives there, and claimed tax credits for 20 children, only one child of which lives in America.  That’s right, the other 19 children, mostly listed as nieces and nephews, live in Mexico.  These four filers ripped us off for $29,608 of our tax dollars in 2011, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  The IRS has been informed of this for years, and refuses to do anything, saying any action has to come from Congress (good luck with that scenario!)  One Inspector General says that more than $4 billion goes out each year to illegal residents using this tax loophole.  Even though the IRS has over 100,000 employees, not one would respond to Channel 13 news or to the tax preparers who reported this abuse.  What do you want to bet that these illegal tax filers are also voting using those special cards?  2 million undocumented persons filed for rebates just this past year.

Remember Brookfield Properties’ park in New York City called Zuccotti Park?  This is not city property but is owned by Brookfield Properties, a Canadian company with assets of $70 billion.  Our Department of Energy gave them a loan guarantee of over $160 million within ten days of approving the takeover of the park for the Wall Street protesters.  You do remember the mess that became, don’t you?  Yes, fecal material everywhere, urination and sexual encounters in public, drugs!  One of the Brookfield Properties attorneys is Vice president Joe Biden’s son.  Who sits on the board of Brookfield Properties?  Well, NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s live-in girlfriend for one.  Who just received some of the last of the Obama Stimulus money?  That’s right, Brookfield Properties, the $70 billion company.  Adding insult to injury, who do you think owns the company that will be tabulating all the electronic votes in Wisconsin?  That’s right, puppeteer George Soros.  Stalin said, “He who votes does not have the power.  He who counts the votes has the power”.

There is a new film coming out this summer titled “2016” and from the Internet preview I saw this will be an eye opener.  Dinesh D’Souza is the author of the book from which this film was made.  D’Souza is a nationally recognized author and the president of King’s College.  The producer of this film also was producer of Schindler’s List, Brave Heart and Jurassic Park. You too may preview by going to

Here is something I learned from the Internet some while ago.  Hard boiled eggs peel much easier if after pouring off the hot water and immersing them in cold water, take each egg and crack it once and put it back in the cold water, peeling after cooled.  Perhaps it has something to do with the pressure within the shell being released.  Anyhow, it helps make a prettier display when making deviled eggs.  If you refrigerate hard boiled eggs, run the shell under hot water before peeling.

It has been a busy time with sending cards for birthdays and anniversaries, having friends over, office work, running errands, etc.  Sons Rory and Ryan had birthdays 3 days apart this past week.  May Crowning was this past Sunday and next Sunday we pay honor to all mothers,  praying for those with us and those who have passed on.  Do take the time to reflect on all that your mothers and grandmothers went through and are going through now.  Providing a loving home with good cooking, lots of cleaning, keeping you in clean clothes, wiping noses, encouraging you in faith, overseeing homework, teaching you to drive, their good advice and help when the new generations are born.  Our mothers lived in a better and safer time (in this country at least) and hopefully have lots of little stories to tell of life, of family, of a better world.  Of course, I find the stories my offspring tell quite interesting, many of which are “news” to this mother.

On Sunday when our religious education and graduating students were honored it was so good to see the Baird sisters there for their grandson/great-nephew Mark Philpott.  I didn’t get to sit and visit with them after the service as there was a meeting to attend.  In previous columns I mentioned these sisters coming to visit and to see the house where they were raised, now the home of Randy Boeddeker. Our graduates provided our readings and music, and each one of our 5 graduates wore the stoles of the National Honor Society so, naturally, we are proud of each and every one and also honor their parents for doing a fine job of raising their children.

It is calf weaning time so the “music” of bellowing is constant, at least for a few days.  The Dish advanced technician had to come out and discovered that the “eye” of the dish went bad and one of the receivers, which were outdated as well.  So, now all should be good for awhile.

God bless, keep well, may fortune smile upon you and your gardens, and may the Army worms not get into your fields.  They are in fields southeast of Ava.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church had a good service yesterday with several specials from our young people. It is so good to see our young people taking a part in the service. I hope they keep it up. Also Wanda Dugan blesses us most Sundays with a special. She is always faithful to do so when called on. Pastor Carl brought the morning message from the book of Hebrew 4: 15 and Matthew 4: 1-11. Children’s Church with Leveta and Susie had 13 in attendance. The children were treated to a movie. Coy and Virginia Holden were at church with their new baby girl yesterday. Also Cheryce Williams was there with her new baby boy. Pastor Carl made the remark, which I have heard other ministers make, that it was wonderful to hear the cry of new babies in the church. We are truly blessed with several young children in the church.

The Coyotes are driving our dogs crazy at night. These bright nights with this super moon has them out really prowling looking for prey. Unfortunately they are keeping me awake for a big part of the night. They were coming up around our house and barn last night repeatedly. You can tell there were a bunch of pups so it is probably a female with her brood. Our cattle started bawling so they were running through them also. We use to have coyote hunters that came and hunted them and kept them thinned out. I worry about small dogs, calves and other small animals as they will be killing anything to feed their young. A couple of weeks ago our Rat Terrier was bitten by a coyote according to the vet. We thought it might have been a Bobcat as Billy Joe seen it  down at the barn in broad daylight a couple of days after the biting event, but the vet said the bite marks indicated a coyote bite. Then we had a groundhog and an armadillo here in the yard that the dogs took after. In all the years I have lived here I never remember seeing a ground hog here. They are usually close to streams of water or lakes. There were a lot of groundhogs at Theodosia on Billy Joe’s home place. His dad was always having problems with groundhogs in his hay field. I’ve also seen Pygmy Rattlers down there but never here on Dogwood Hill.

Did you go out and look at the moon. I know it sure is bright out at night. I didn’t get to see it when it was first coming up and hope to remember to do that tonight if it isn’t cloudy. There is a nice spring shower falling this morning. We need more moisture in our area to make hay crops and summer pasture.

Billy Joe put out some nice tomato plants and the birds have eaten about half of them off. Stanley Workman told him how to fix them so the birds can’t get to them so now I need to go buy some more plants. Billy Joe took some sewer pipe and cut it in about twelve inch lengths and set them over the plants. They can get sunlight and rain and the birds can’t get to them now. He also sowed some tomato seeds so we will have plants for late tomatoes.

I’ve been pretty much close to home and don’t know a lot of what’s going on around Dogwood. Joan said Stanley will be mowing the cemetery this week again. Like other cemeteries in our area they need donations to keep them up. So don’t forget Dogwood Cemetery if you have loved ones buried there.

Sorry I don’t have more news from our area. Please call Carol or me if you want something added to the items. Until next time God Bless and Keep You.

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