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County Line

Donna Dodson and Macee Breeding had lunch with me on Monday.  They stopped by on Tuesday also.

Macee stayed with me Wednesday afternoon while Donna went to a meeting at work.

David Dodson has been sick.

Donna and I went to town on Friday.

Michael Dodson, Corrina, Chase and Bryse went to Branson Saturday for Bryse to play ball.  I hear Bryse made a grand slam.  Mike and Bryse went back on Sunday. Chase had practice in town Sunday.

Donna, Megan and Macee took me to town Saturday after the soccer games.

Quin Breeding spent Saturday night with Brade Koop. They had been practicing baseball.

Reece Goforth attended the 8th grade graduation dance on Saturday night. Melanie helped chaperone it.  Reece then spent the night with the McCollom twin boys.

Megan and Macee attended church with Donna Sunday morning then spent Sunday night with Donna and David.

Amy Hill, Axle, Dominick and Cedrick Bristol visited me on Sunday. Bentley Iott came by.

Butch Davis mowed my yard Sunday morning.

Happy birthday in May to Branwyn Irwin the 16th, Onna Bushong the 9th, Brittany Torres the 11th, Estalla Iott the 19th, Joan Rackley the 20th, Johnnie Reed the 22nd, Dalton Watkins the 23rd, Dean Davis the 26th, and Keith Breeding the 30th.  I wish you many more.

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