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Caney Church

Wednesday evening service at Caney Church began singing “If We Never Meet Again”.

Brother Jim Lafferty took charge of the Bible study taking prayer requests and praise reports.

There was a good discussion on all the scripture read.

Sister Janice had the youth teaching about Esther.

Sunday school opened singing “Glad Reunion Day”.

Brother Jack Essary welcomed everyone and took prayer requests and praise reports. We have so many concerns.

Brother Jim Lafferty led in prayer.

Jack read Is. 29:17-21 for our devotion.

After a very good Sunday school lesson happy anniversary was sung to Bobby and Elsie Combs, God bless them they’ve been married 61 years.  That’s something to be proud of.

Praise and worship began singing “The Prettiest Flowers Will Be Blooming”.

Singing special music was Melissa Harmon and Hannah Morgan.

We were so glad to have visitors and several who haven’t been here in a while.

Pastor Bill spoke this morning from John 3:14-15, and Numbers 21:1-7.

The Lord listens when we go to Him with our problems and trials.  The answer is not always how we want but how is best.  Prayer and faith will take us through.  Christ has made a way of escape.  We can have eternal life.

We had a good time of fellowship and lunch after morning service.

Sunday evening service began singing “A Wonderful Time”.

Brother Jeff Shipley opened service taking prayer requests and praise reports. Brother Hi Lambeth led in prayer.  Testimony by Jim Lafferty.

Pastor Bill spoke from Mal. 3:7-12 and Romans 12:1-2.  Are we giving to God what is His?  We belong to Him. He paid a great price for each of us.  Giving financially is great but are we giving our all?  God wants our hearts, love and life.  He will pour out His blessings on us.

We had a wonderful circle of prayer for many concerns of our church.  God is good to hear.

Come worship with us.

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