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Opening Sunday school Roy Hampton read Proverbs 12:4-21 and prayed the opening prayer.

Sunday school lesson was the 13th chapter of Acts. Herod kills James and saw the Jews were real happy with this so he arrests  Peter. He was bound and determined to destroy the church. Herod put not one or two soldiers to guard Peter, but four quarternions with the intent to bring him to the people after Easter to keep the tradition. Sixteen soldiers were guarding Peter – four at a time to ensure he didn’t escape a second time, but the church prayed and “without ceasing.” Herod was going to call and present Peter to the people and the Bible said, “Peter was sleeping between two of the soldiers, bound with chains. There were soldiers  guarding the door of Peter’s prison. To man, there was no chance of an escape. Yet the angel of the Lord woke Peter up and told him, “to arise up quickly.” The chains fell off from Peter’s hands and he put his garment on like the angel told him to do and followed the angle of the Lord. Peter himself did not believe what was happening rather thought he saw a vision. Peter and the Lord’s angel passed the first then the second ward and came to the iron gate that led into the city. They didn’t open the gate yet the Bible says in the 10th verse, “which opened to them of his own accord.” They had the gates swing open before then and they went out of the prison. The angel left and “Peter came to himself and said now I know of a surety that the Lord hath sent this angel and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod and from all the expectations of the people of the Jews,” in the 11th verse, “Peter went to the prayer meeting the Christians were having at Mary’s house (the mother of John surnamed Mark.) His appearance was astonishing to the prayer warriors. Peter told them to go to James and the brethren and tell them the Lord has delivered him from prison. Now when day came the soldiers were pretty rested considering their duty failed. Herod questioned them and ordered them to be put to death. Don’t you imagine Herod just could not accept the soldiers explanation that Peter just disappeared. There Peter’s chain laid without him in them and yet the soldiers still had theirs on. God loosened the chains and freed Peter. Mortal man could not accept this. Herod left Judaea to Caesar and was not happy with the people of Tyre and Sidon but these people could not have surivied without help from King Herod’s country and they desired peace. Herod put on his royalty apparel and gave a speech to the people. These people shouted out that “this is the voice of God and not of a man” in verse 22. Herod did not correct the people in seeing him as a God. He must have felt pretty big of himslef. In verse 23 it states, “And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory, and he was eaten of worms and gave up the ghost.” Herod still had his chains on. He thought he had the world by the tail and intended to keep it by destroying the church. Praise God in verse 24 it states, “But the word of God grew and multiplied” God saw to it that even today, thousands of years later, the word is still being read and preached. Now here is the big question. What are you going to do with the word – Jesus Christ when He speaks to your heart? Just as He caused the chains to fall from Peter, He can free you from the chains of sin that imprison you. Are you going to obey Him and accept Him in your heart or are you going to be like Herod and take pride in yourself and hold on to your chains that bind you? I pray if you don’t know Jesus, you wil ask Him to come in to your heart, fogive you of your sins and free you from the chains of sin.

Our service changed to the worship time. Congregational and special singing was food for our souls. Brother Cub took the pulpit and gave the Christians mothers a bouquet.  He read Proverbs chapter 31. I love this chapter and truly see how the Christian mothers should be praised by their children if she raised them by the Bible. This was the bouquet Brother Cub gave. What would the world be like if we didn’t have God-fearing and respectful Christians mothers? Think about it. I don’t think we would have a world fit ito live in, do you?

Well to all you mothers – Happy Mother’s Day. I also want to congratulate all of you seniors. Keep Christ first and all will work to His glory and you will reap the benefits of His blessings. Have a good week and God bless you all.

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