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Breedon Church

Opening Sunday school Roy Hampton read Matthew 13:43-51 and led us in prayer.

Bro. Lee Hampton taught the 11th chapter of Acts. Roy Hampton took up the morning offering. Wilma Hampton is still improving. Lee said she might come home in another week hopefully.

The congregation sang. Susie Sisco also did a special. The morning sermon was in the 12th chapter of Luke, verse 35. Joe Lafferty prayed after he read the text. We had a good service, but there was some that weren’t there. We need to pray that more people will come and sinners will be saved. Roy Hampton dismissed the morning services.

The evening services started with congregational singing. Susie Sisco did a special. Sue Thomas dismissed in prayer.

Don’t forget Breedon Friday Night Singing May 11th at 7:00. Bring finger foods.

May God bless until next time.

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