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There was a good turnout for the workday at Dyer Cemetery and we appreciate everyone for helping.  The cemetery looks real good.  Barb, Jack and Miracle, spent a few days camping at Forsyth.  Bob and Susie have had visitors over the weekend from Illinois.  Bob and Linda got news that Kylie, great-granddaughter from Kansas City, had a bicycle wreck.  She has both wrists broken, a punctured lower lip, bruising and swelling on her face.  Their last report was that her swelling was going down somewhat in her face.  Bob and Linda took me to Branson on Friday and we came home Saturday.  I saw a lot of damage from the tornado, didn’t realize it was that bad.  We did a lot of sight-seeing and some shopping and went to garage sales.  Sunday and Sunday night, we went to church, also visited with Kevan, Karen, Justyn, Tiffany, Tyler and Rylee.  Hello to all my friends and family that live away from here. Until next week, God bless all.

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