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We sang a hymn this morning and I truly believe that we are too near our heavenly home to turn back now. I believe Jesus is our soon returning King. Pastor Buddy brought us the message from Acts 8-1-25 this morning titled, “Scattered But Not Shattered.” It was a great message to Christians about the pain we sometimes have to go through . Pain has a purpose in the life of believer.

The ones in Acts chapter 8 the pain they had to go through was to spread the gospel. God uses pain in our lives as a crowbar to get us up and moving. God wastes no pain, it always has a purpose in our life. Most of time we don’t like it, but it helps us grow as a believer. When we have pain most of time our response is to get us out of this as soon as possible. We really don’t like to suffer for the cause of Christ or anything else. The most stressful time of the people in Acts 8 they were still spreading the word about Jesus. They were using this time instead of letting this time use them.  Pastor Buddy did a great job as usual. We are going through the book of Acts on Sunday morning. We are finding out a lot about what being normal as a Christian means.

Wednesday night is COLLIDE at Performing Arts Center at Ava High School at 6 p m  Come and be with us if possible. Some of our congregation went to Brother Lester Platt’s church in Theodosia this last Friday and Saturday to help clean and remodel a bathroom. We appreciate everyone that went and worked .

If you don’t have a home church we would love to have you here. Come visit us some time and be blessed by the Word of God . We have sevices at 8:30 and 11:00 on Sunday morning, Sunday school at 10:00, Sunday night at 6 p.m.  We are changing Wednesday night Bible study time to 7 p.m. beginning May 9. This Wednesday night there will be no adult Bible study as we will be at COLLIDE at the school.

Thought for the week; God sends trials not to impair us, but to improve us.

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