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Assembly of God

We had a wonderful day to meet and worship our Lord today, we sang the hymn. Truly if we want to know more about Him we can. All we need to do is read His Word and talk to Him daily. Brother Buddy brought us the message this morning from Acts 9- 10-19. But first he had us for four minutes pick someone out we didn’t know and talk to them. It was good to talk and four minutes passed by too quickly. The message this morning was on being effective; which means being successful and producing intended results. For us as Christians to be effective we need to live in Christ and have an open communication with Him. Ananias was effective because he was prepared and was a man who had evidence of the Spirit living in him and he knew God’s voice. If we want to live a full Christian life we are going to have to know God’s voice and be willing to get up and go do His work. Whenever we see someone in need we need to be willing to get up and go do whatever the need is. Ananias was comfortable sharing his doubts and fears with God . We also need to be able to share our doubts and fears with God. He has the answer for us. Being a Christian is not the easiest way but it’s the mosr rewarding way. When we suffer trials and temptations it reveals the reality of our salvation or the lack of it. We should have a desire to be around other Christians if we are living a normal effective Christian life. We are having an all day service June 3. We will have services starting at 8:30 as usual and Sunday school at 10:00 then at 11:00 services we will be having Jarret Daugherty from Pierce Arrow in Branson doing comedy and also sharing his testimony then having a cookout outside and the Potters Wheel at 12:45 . Please come be with us for this special day. We would love to have you anytime, but especially this day. Our services are at 8:30 and 11 with Sunday school at 10, Sunday night at 6 and Wednesday night Bible study at 7:00.

Thought for the week;   Active worship requires active involvement.

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