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Debbie Cederlind just got back Friday from a week stay in North Dakota with her daughter, Courtnie and husband, Chris Vigessa and two grandsons, Wylie and the new one, Weslie.

Debbie brought pictures back to show little Weslie and his big brother, Wylie, off.

Ken and Debbie Cederlind came down to Bonnie’s Saturday night and they went to church with her,. Bonnie said she had all her daughters in church with her Sunday – Linda Freeman, Cecilia Edwards and Debbie Cederlind. Bonnie said they all went out to Roy and Linda Freeman’s for the day and Moe and Kaylynn Todd and Alaya came down over there too and they had Mother’s Day dinner there. Those eating dinner were Roy, Linda, Bonnie, Cecilia, Ken, Debbie, Moe, Kaylynn, Alaya just ate and slept, Matt, Madison, Sydnee and Alexis. Wendee wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home and Michael stayed with her.

I had one-tenths of an inch last Monday.

I had Jett three days last week and he is quite a boy. Sunday he will be one year old and it doesn’t seem that long.

Ellis came last Monday evening after work and mowed my grass. George and Violet Blakey stopped by last Tuesday and picked up some eggs and got to visit with little Jett.

Mark brought some more eggs Wednesday and that afternoon I took some over to town.

That evening Ellis brought my lawn mower blade back and said it was sharp. That night I went to Bible study and Don and Evelyn Bryan, Martin Hathcock, Nina Carter and Hellen Blakey were the only ones there.

Thursday was Bessie Hall’s birthday and after they picked Jett up I went and took her a card, homemade soup and a loaf of bread. She had lots of cards on her table that she had already gotten.

Friday morning I went over to the Arts Building and presented Kelsey Blakey the Michael Blakey Math Award, that evening I went over to John and Jo’s and visited with them and when I came home I finished mowing the grass up the road and down the road, but I had to pile the limbs the highway department cut off the oak trees and left them in the ditch.

Sherry brought me some more eggs Saturday and I spent the day working on the Blakey Address Book for June 2.

Vernal called me Sunday morning along with my sister, Katie Moulder. When I got home from church I had a card in my chair from Mark, Sherry, Kelsey and Mark Weston. I received a card earlier from Chad and Laura. I was with Ellis and Marsha for dinner. When I got home I got a call from Kristie and Lakota, Kendra, Brittany and Tara wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. Monica called late that night so I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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