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I took my news in last Monday and filled up with gas.

Tara brought Jett last Tuesday and then she waited for Kendra to come and Kendra rode with her to Springfield when they got back that evening. Kendra came in to see me and Jett. Tara dropped Jett off Wednesday morning and when she picked him up Martin came by and got me and we went to Bible study. Those in attendance were Martin Hathcock, Don and Evelyn Bryan, Nina Carter and Hellen Blakey. We had another interesting lesson. Everyone is welcome to come, it starts at seven.

Jo Stephens stopped and got some eggs and dropped them off at the eye doctor office Thursday.

Justin brought Jett that morning and Tara picked him up that evening.

Saturday night the Ava O.E.S. had a special meeting and initiated another person into our chapter, we appreciate some from other chapters that helped us – Elvira Slater, Jo Ann Gray, Dorlene House, Gleneta Lane and Charles Murray, which is a dual member with Ava.

Bill Coats and Glen Dale Robertson was at Mt. Tabor Church Sunday. They are representatives of the Gideon, they played four songs and Bill sung two of them. Bill was the speaker and he did a real good job and it was very interesting to listen to him.

Ric Englehardt preached for us that night on the value of your testimoney, it was good.

Sunday afternoon Jo Stephens and I went over to the nursing home and visited with Roxie Heimeyer, Pauline Schauffler and Almeda Maloney. Peggy Jenkins was asleep and Irene had gone home for the weekend.

Sunday, May 6, Marsha Blakey will be giving a talk at Mt Tabor Church about her operations and disease that she has endured with the Lord’s help. You will hear a great testimony.

Everyone is welcome to come hear her speak in the morning service which starts at eleven with the choir singing first.

I talked with Bonnie and she said her and Cecilia made it to church Sunday.

Bonnie has been sowing flower seed last week and I see lots of ground plowed up for gardens this year.

Lets keep our sick folsk in our prayers.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to all who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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