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All Around Bradleyville

Is it just me or isn’t this turning out to be a strange spring? Seems like everything is a month ahead and I even have trouble remembering that it isn’t a month later than it is. We have even seen several tarantulas crossing the road, and while I know they are out there and alive, we don’t usually see them on the road until September or so. It feels like time is on fast-forward.

It is very dry here, and I have to water what little I have planted. I need to fertilize what plants I do have, they are looking a little pitiful. Now that Kent Day has opened a feed store in Bradleyville I won’t have to make a trip somewhere else miles away. It’s located right where the feed store was before.

Congratulations to Waylon and Teresa Stafford on the birth of their baby boy, Axel Lee Stafford, who was born on May 8. Axel weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 21 inches long. I’m sure big brother Levi and big sister, Shiann were excited to get to help take care of Axel when he came home.

Congratulations also to Boyd, Kayla, and Jonah Combs. They have been a family since they got Jonah as a tiny baby, but finally got to adopt him last week. I know they are all blessed by finally having it become official. Next week their family will be blessed again when they also get to adopt their little girl that they have also had since birth.

I had a nice visit with Edna and Alva Johnson last week. I was looking for a picture that I thought they might have that I wanted a copy of, and they loaned me three to copy. While I was there we got to talking about music. Alva and Edna and their whole family are accomplished musicians. I would like to play some kind of instrument but I don’t think I have the dedication to learn how to play anything. I also got to see several pictures of their newest great-granddaughter, Caroline Faith Chaney. She sure was a cutie.

The first swap meet which was held at the old ball field in Bradleyville seemed to be a great success. There were thirteen vendors with, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, garden produce, vegetable and flower plants with many more miscellaneous items.

The seniors are back from their senior trip to Panama City, Florida. They did a little bit of everything, riding around on mopeds, going deep sea fishing and parasailing to name a few, and from what I hear they all had a great time. One of their sponsors, Misty Wilkerson and one other girl were parasailing when the boat stalled and quit running and they both fell several hundred feet through the air and hit the water. It must not have scared any of the others as they all continued on with their turns. Oh, to be young.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Mike Rawson who was laid to rest at Patterson Cemetery last Saturday, May 19. His late wife, Viola, was a sister to Ernest Combs. He and Viola lived in Idaho but spent several summers here in the little rock house or their big RV on DD Hwy. We got acquainted with their grandson, Tony, who was around the same age as the big group of kids that made up New Mansion Church’s Youth Group at that time.  They all had a good time spending the summers together.

New Mansion Church will be hosting a graduation party on Sunday, May 27, starting at 4:00pm. Bring a covered dish and some photos of your graduate and come enjoy some food, games and fellowship. Our Sunday School Superintendent, Tom Todd, made the point about no graduate being too old, for our pastor, Jeff Marsh, who completed his Master’s Degree this year. I won’t say how old Jeff is, but he IS a few years over the half century mark. That doesn’t even sound old to me, since I am several years older than that myself. If you have any questions you can call Cindy Marsh at 796-2325 or Belinda Wyman at 785-4440.

Birthdays for the coming week include: May 24: Caleb Blair, Ruth Marie Hodges, Cameron Potter; May 26: Ryan Caldwell, Judy Whitaker; May 27: Cassandra Horner, Jessica Kisling, Nona Norwine; May 29: Mary Wolf; May 30: Ashton Judd, Louis Letendre, Kristen Maggard.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: May 26: Chane and Brandi Johnson, Ed and Mynette Ulrich, Kelvin and Melanie Whittaker; May 27: Jackie and Gail Adams, Bo and Judy Bonner, Bubba and Lisa Taylor; May 28: Bill and Sue Guerin; May 29: Mike and Sherry Yeary; May 30: Jerry and Sherry Henning.

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