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All Around Bradleyville

Beautiful weather continues this week which is nice because I really need to get out to work in the yard some. Grass is growing like crazy, which it always does this time of year, and my flower beds need some tending also. My daughters got me some flowers for Mother’s Day that I need to put out somewhere, if I can just decide where.

Baccalaureate for the graduating seniors and eighth graders was well attended last Wednesday evening. Several good songs were sung and Jack Clemans did a wonderful job bringing the message to everyone there.

The Bradleyville School gym was packed last Saturday evening to watch thirty-two seniors receive their diplomas and thirteen eighth graders graduate to high school. Valedictorian was Colin Robertson and Salutatorian was Andrew Zimmerman. Eighth grade valedictorian was Casey Ridings and two Salutatorians, Mariah Clemans and Emily Todd.  Many scholarships were given out and I don’t want to name them all because I will forget someone, but fourteen students received the $1000 Bradleyville Walk/Run scholarship and one student received the newly established $1000 Lonnie Combs Memorial Scholarship, which will also be an annual scholarship. Congratulations to all the graduates.

Our grandson Jessi Laughlin was one of the high school graduates and another grandson, Hayden Crouch graduated from the eighth grade. Jessi will be going to College of the Ozarks in the fall.

The seniors left right after graduation for their senior trip in Panama City Beach, Florida. Jessi called his mom Sunday evening and said they got there safely and were having a great time.

Since I’m always searching for more news to put in the paper, I’m going back about a month when I didn’t get any news sent to the paper. By not sending in any news that week, I missed the birthday of a special lady. April 13 was Betty Day’s birthday, and I hope it was a good one.

Birthdays for the coming week include: May 18: Irene Adams, Kayla Blair; May 19: Hayden Crouch, Allen Swadley; May 20: Randy Haes; May 21: Dean Clark; May 23: Alvin Nelson.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: May 18: Joe and Jeannie Lawrence; May 20: Jeff D. and Dawn Marsh, Susan and Duffey Mooney; May 21: Ron and Judy Alstatt; May 22: Jeff and Tammy Spicer.

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