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The ground is surely soaked with the heavy rain we received Sunday afternoon and night. Grass grows fast now and lawn mowing keeps us busy. Livestock benefits from the green pastures for sure.

Maxine Smith visited Sharon Smith Sunday afternoon when it was raining so hard.

Tammy Childress visited her mother Ernestine Gaddy over the weekend and attended church at Lilly Ridge.

A special called meeting for those interested in the upkeep of the Lilly Rdige Cemetery will be this coming Sunday afternoon, April 22nd, at 2:00 p.m. when the committee meets.

Tom turkeys’ life is in danger from April 16 to May 6, and I hear there are lots of turkeys out there, but they are very cautious, and in hiding.

Dana Taylor visited me Saturday and did some yard work to help me.

Paralee Rea attended a benefit for Martha Elliot, with a spaghetti supper at Carla’s Café Saturday afternoon.

Congratulations to Eloise Ford who celebrated her 91st birthday April 7th at the nursing facility in Springfield, as she was a former Gainesville resident.

Those of us that feed the cute little hummingbirds are anxious for their arrival and we are preparing to supply their sugar water.

Marie Dickey called Monday morning from Ava to tell me she and her friends are coming to Gainesville Eastern Star Monday evening, April 23rd as we are initiating two couples that night.

Keith and Katrina Davis and Jaycee stopped by to see me Saturday.

The road crews have kept busy where country roads have washed out with the heavy rains.

George Szabo had shoulder surgery last week. Chet Taylor also had shoulder surgery recently and it is a handicap to keep up with regular activities. Best wishes.

My granddaughter, Dana, had an encounter with a wheelbarrow filled with grass and weeds she had pulled from a flower bed and when she looked when moving the wheelbarrow there was a copperhead snake laying on the grass and weeds, so she must have picked it up in an armful of grass.

A thought to remember, “God gives every bird its food, but he doesn’t throw it into the nest.”

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