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Only Noah and his family survived the flood. (Genesis 6)  The prince of this world (John 12:31) had reeked enough havoc since Adam that God was fed up.  About 800 years later, Job comes along.  He is an upright man who revered God and abstained from evil (Job 1:1).  Satan unleashes great suffering (Job 1 and 2) on Job.  In the end, though, Job is blessed by God (Job 42).  And so the story of mankind goes on.

It says in Luke 10:18 that Jesus saw Satan fall from heaven.  Peter says in I Peter 5:8 that Satan roams the earth looking for those he can devour.  Satan has made it plain that he is the enemy of mankind.  The only flesh-and-blood person on the earth who has been able to withstand his temptations is Jesus. (Matthew 4:1-11)  And it’s through Jesus Christ that man will find redemption.

Remember Josh Turner who sang The Long Black Train with its rails of sin?  He says to look to heaven and find redemption staring back…“Cause there’s victory in the Lord, I say.”  It’s a good song.  Jesus Christ came to this earth with a goal in mind.  That was to save all who would believe from Satan’s power.

Up until the resurrection, sin offerings were the order of the day.  Jesus was the final sin offering.  That was the crucifixion.  His blood was shed that all who would believe the gospel (I Corinthians 15:1-4) are saved through grace.  Grace is the undeserved favor of God.  Stay off the long black train and look to heaven for salvation.  It’s that simple.

Sweden Church gladly gives away copies of the sermons on CD.  Call (4l7)543-6219 to get a copy. Live like Jesus came yesterday, died today, and is coming back tomorrow.

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