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St. Francis Church

Sunday, April 15 was the first Sunday after Easter. Altar colors continue to be white and we had white altarflowers as well.

In the absence of Bishop Hartley, who was away performing confirmations at one of our sister churches, instead of Holy Communion we held the morning prayer service led by lay leader, Joe Criswell, who also read a sermon prepared by Bishop Hartley on the theme of Christian patience and the strength to be gained through faith in God.

Last Friday I drove to Norwood to attend a ceremony held at the Norwood School in honor of Norwood native, Ova Kelly, who was killed in action in World War II and was poshumously awarded the medal of honor. The occasion of this ceremony was that the Missouri Department of Transportation has designated the bridge over Highway 60 at Norwood the Ova Kelly Medal of Honor Memorial Bridge and was there on Friday to install signs with that designation.

Our acolyte, Lincoln Connell, is active in World War II re-enactments and took part in the ceremony wearing his authentic World War II Army uniform. In addition we heard a talk by 87 year-old Mr. Wright, a World War II Veteran of Ova Kelly’s outfit who told us of his experiences in the war. It was a moving ceremoney and we are very proud of Lincoln’s involvement in it.

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