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Sunday morning service was opened with music then prayer requests and prayer. Margaret Rosseau sang a special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from I Thessalonions 4:16-17, “The Second Coming of Christ.”

Sunday evening service was opened with prayer then congregational hymns. Brother Randy and Sister Venita Brummet sang a special.

Brother Craig Carter spoke on behalf of the Gideons. We all really enjoyed hearing the progress they are making .

Delmar and I visited with Delmar’s niece and her husband, Gary and Janey Batey, from Hagerstown, Maryland. They were at her dad’s, Norman and Maxine Rosseau’s.

On Wednesday evening, we met Jack and Barb Breshears, Ron and Nancy Breshears, Bob and Linda McCleary, Uncle Mack Miller, and Beth and Johnathon Stafford at McDonald’s for a visit.

On Thursday, Delmar and I joined Gene and Joan Orth for a fish fry at my brother Vern and Kathleen Deatherage. Kathleen and I later took Supper to Mansfield for Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams. We visited with my sister and husband Earnie and Helen Cook while there.

On Friday, Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams came down for lunch and a visit. Delmar worked in his garden. I went to Nixa with Kathleen Deatherage and we met Becky Carter there then the three of us went to a fund raiser Bunco game at Ozark. It was my first Bunco game and I had fun.

On Saturday evening Delmar and I took supper to his sister, Dorothy Burton and ate with her. We enjoyed visiting with her and Mike and Dan Burton while there.

On Sunday we went to church then met Donna Bannister in town for lunch to celebrate Delmar’s birthday. Delmar got several calls, cards and gifts.I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and she is doing better, Uncle Hugh is about the same as before.

We were sorry to hear about Randy Schmucker and her mom being in an accident but, glad they will be ok. Also, sorry to hear that Leroy Dry was hurt in the same wreck. Hope Leroy is doing better now.

Until next week embrace each day as if it is your last.

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