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Sunday morning service was opened with the Primary class singing two songs and doing the motions with them. They did a really good job.

The Praise Team then led us in songs and they had a very good harmony. I truly enjoyed hearing them sing.

Brother Roberts brought the message from II Kings 7:3-9, “Left Behind.”

There were several on the prayer list.

Pauline’s hand is doing much better.

I was sorry to hear that a good friend, Barbara Lehman, was in the hospital. Praying she is better soon.

Gathering at the home of Bob and Nora Edwards on Sunday afternoon to celebrate granddaughter, Dallee Sheppard’s 12th birthday were Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Shelden and Kendra Walker, Miranda Milligan, Shawn and Alexis Swearengin, Ruth Sheppard and the honoree, Dallee. Others visiting Bob and Nora during the week were Arleen Henningsen, Tillie, Seth and Gage Fowler, Joyce Erickson, Dianna Bernhard, Vicki Wall, Tracy Sartor, Robert Roberts and Larry Scribner.

Spending the weekend with Jerry and Suanne Sutherland were their daughter, Dianna Bernhard and granddaughters Cassidy and Caitlyn of Springfield.

Those visiting in our home during the week were, Bevy Moore, Donna Bannister, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, John Goss and  Melba, Jack, Barbara and Miracle Breshears, Pauline Okhuysen.

I visited by phone with Aunt Violet Morris, Howard Morris, Julie Kookagey.

Aunt Violet is having medicine adjustments at Kansas City hospital. She should be back at the nursing home in Windsor Tuesday or Wednesday.

Delmar and I visited in Saturday with Keith and Donna Bannister, Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, Uncle Mack Miller, Bob and Linda McCleary.

I visited Saturday evening with Stacie, Mahayla, Miley, Lucas and David Hamby.

Our garlic is growing very nicely. I like to cook with garlic and hope it does really good.

Delmar has mowed once and says he thinks it is ready to be mowed again.

We can hear mowers humming all around the community.

Until next week remember, Will you care about the ones left behind?

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