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Lots of people are out working in yards and gardens. Grass is a little early this year I think, but the weather is great.

Dick stopped to see Helen Dobbins Wednesday, but I think he spent more time with Ronnie. They always have a lot to talk about. Norma Cross visited with Peggy Jenkins and Goldie Miller Saturday. In the afternoon she took Seth Hunt home. He had planned to stay until Monday.

Freeda Richards spent Easter with her son, Karl, in Rolla. Jim Haden is holding his own at this writing, that is what the doctors are saying.

Goodhope General Baptist Church was the scene of a beautiful sunrise service Easter morning at 6:30. Sue Brown played her keyboard. Glen Dale Robertson, Bob and Mary Bumgardner, Danny Davis and Brother Bob Huskey brought the music. It was very good. Then Brother Bob brought the sermon. It was a very moving service. We all had breakfast inside. Sunday school and Easter egg hunt for the children and morning service started about 10:30 with our pastor David Welsh with a powerful Easter message. There wasn’t any evening service.

Kelly Thompson fried fish at the Dick Richards home Sunday after church for Kinsey, Kailey and Kyle Thompson, Norma Cross and Kenny Hunt and Dick and Pauline. DeAnn was sick so she didn’t get to join us. Tony and Lisa Richards spent Friday and Saturday in Branson to celebrate their anniversary. Congratulation guys!

God bless.

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