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All the rain we received was welcome around here.  Our branches were full, but didn’t stay up very long.  Julian Cavalier helped their neighbor get across their road, there wasn’t any problem with four wheel drive autos.

Seth Hunt spent last week with his grandma, Norma Cross, and his dad Ken Hunt.

Norma and I had visitors from Friday last week.  It was our Aunt Bessie (Jenkins) Lingle, daughter Margie and her husdand, Tom Anderson and their daughter and her son and daughter.

Alex played basket ball in Springfield with the home school students.  He said there were over three hundred teams up there.  They played Tuesdaay through Saturday.

Bessie (Jenkins) Lingle was the youngest daughter of the late Matt and Josie (Barnes) Jenkins, she died in 1980, in Lady Smith, Wisconsin.

Dick and I had lunch with Norma and Kenny after church Sunday.

Was glad Irene Richards got to spend the weekend in her home with Tony and Lisa.

May God bless everyone.

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