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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

UPCOMING EVENTS:  April 25- 7 p.m. attend Hartville FWB Church for the Gold City concert; April 28- Men’s Rally in Ozark, Mo. At 10:30 a.m. with Bro. Fred Warner the speaker; April 29- cake and punch for Nicole Sellars after evening services; May 3- 7:00 a.m. Men’s breakfast; May 12- Rock Chapel will host the Association meeting and luncheon; and month of May Stanley Jones filling in for Bro. Rick while he is on vacation.  Today the choir did a  special.: Prayer requests:  Sandy Housley’s grandson; cancer patients; servicemen; Norman and Phyllis Virtue’s daughter and daughter-in-law; Van Renfrow; the unsaved; Brylee (David and Tammy Housley’s granddaughter); the Walter’s family; Jack Lawler; and many unspoken.

Last Sunday night was very enjoyable.  We had a music night led by Tammi Housley.  Children’s church today with Sandy Housley.  Special by Sharon Renfrow.  Special by Bro. Rick Batten, wife Helen, Glenda and Stanley Jones:  Bro. Rick said he was very proud of the nine men who helped with a painting project on Saturday:  Darrell Price, Shelby Moore, Martin Bowie, Ron Putt, Tony Serghides, Monte Housley, Vic Mills, Steve Raney, and Bro. Rick was there.  Shelby Moore did a very good job with his opening comments on his life working for a bread company and being a salesman.  He worked hard all his life.  He received many awards and trips, because he treated people how he would want to be treated.  He encouraged each of us to do the same in life.  Bro. Rick preached from Psalm 149 and Revelation 4:11.  Bro. Rick said he had thought a lot about why we are put here on earth.  Our existence is not necessary for God to be God; God spoke things into existence; and he brought us into being because it pleased him.  We are placed on earth to bring God pleasure and happiness.  He asked us to take inventory of our lives and to think about some of the things that we do just for the joy of it.  He told stories about his chickens and turkeys.  They will not make him rich, but he does enjoy watching them.  He wouldn’t have near the fun if he went to the store and bought eggs, even though it would probably be cheaper and less work.  We do need to remember if we live in sin, God has no pleasure in us.  If we act in an un-Christianlike manner, God will not be pleased.  We need to always act in a pleasing manner for God’s pleasure.

EVENING:  Tammi led singing with song requests tonight.  We had Bro. Rick’s daughter, Jennifer, children and husband (Roman Atchison) in the service.  Roman did a special. The sermon was from Galatians 2.  Rock Chapel always appreciates visitors.  Drop in for any service.  If you have questions, please contact Shelby Housley at 746-4743 or Shelby Moore at 746-4751/ or Helen Batten at 683-5657 for the next few weeks.

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