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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Easter Breakfast at Sunday School today.  During the morning service, we had beautiful Easter songs led my Mike Housley. The Choir special Led by Tammi Housely was a beautiful Easter Medley of songs.  Special by Lois Carter’s son-in-law Jamie and special by Stanley Jones. A special reading by Kaden Bruce.  It was such a wonderful Easter with all the great specials.  Guests today were:  Mike and Barb Tate, Phyllis and Norman Virtue, Monte and Sandy Housley, Lois Carter, Trent and Chelsie Jones, Tammi and David Housley, and Shelby and Pat Moore. Virginia Serghides did Children’s Church today.

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES:  April 11 -Business meeting ; May 19- Mtn. Grove Christian Academy group and comedian; April 22- 2 p.m.- some attending “Annie” at the Norwood School; April 29- Cake and punch reception for Nicole Sellars graduating Senior- after the evening services; and May 14-16- Senior Retreat 3 day and 2 night (see Pat Moore) for more information.

Birthday:  Kate Junge and Phyllis Virtue.

Anniversary:  Victor and Joy Mills on April 7.

Prayer requests:  Servicemen; Imogene Williams, Joyce Deeds, Jennifer Alexander, Barbara Haney, Vicki Thompson, Johnny Hicks, Mike Patterson, Sue Lathrom, Sue Hefner, Stan Nehr, the family of Pat Stringer from Willow Springs, Josh Scott, Ricky Serghides, Sandy Housley’s grandson, Bernice Price, Van Renfrow, Hannah Moore, Teen in Cabool struggling with seizures, and many unspoken requests.

SERMON:  Bro. Rick started by saying,”It is a special day, we are celebrating Easter”.  He read from Isaiah 61: 10-11; 61:1; and 43:19.  He said he was always excited to see Easter arrive- Spring is here and beautiful. Winter is over.  He showed us a weed he had picked on his way to the church (even the weed had blossoms on it and it was beautiful).  Spring brings the freshness of life.  He told the story of his daughter giving him some new chickens, and how fun it was to watch them.  He said Man and the church perk up at Easter.  Easter we focus on our Savior and what it means when he Arose.  The Resurrection of Jesus is forever.  Before he died, there was nothing but death and more death.  Now we will die, but live again.  Now when we celebrate Easter, we celebrate life and we have hope.  He asked each of us to enjoy the blossoms of spring, and to remember that Jesus went to the grave and rose again for us.  Following his sermon, we had Communion and in the evening service there was foot washing.

Visitors are always welcome at Rock Chapel.  Call Bro. Rick Batten at 683-5657 or on the cell at 417-250-0918 for more information.

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