Red Bank Church

The weather has finally warmed up.  The sunshine felt good to me while I was outside in my garden picking ripe strawberries.  Only a few of them were ripe enough to pick.  I have to watch close for them to ripen because something else is always helping me eat them.

The church service at Red Bank was opened with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  Brother Jerry Huff gave the morning welcome and dismissed everyone to their respective Sunday school class.   Everyone came together at 11:00 a.m. to share in the worship song service and listen to the morning sermon.   A mission offering was given by Willene Adams in honor of four of her grandchildren; all of which had birthdays in April.  They can be thankful for such a thoughtful, loving grandmother.

Eloise Hallmark sang a beautiful hymn for special music.  Brother Les reminded the congregation that Red Bank would dismiss the evening service on the 29th of April so everyone can attend the Fifth Sunday Singing at the Goodhope General Baptist Church.   He also announced that the youth’s CIA mission group will have their Food and Fellowship night on Wednesday, April 25th.

Matthew, chapter 19, was the scripture that Brother Les chose for the morning sermon.  If we truly love our Heavenly Father, we should be careful to follow Him closely and keep His commandments; every day in every way. As Jesus said in the later part of verse 17, but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.  One can find this list of commandments that Jesus was talking about in Exodus 20:

The Goodhope Fire Department pig roast was well attended last Saturday.  Gary and I went to the event.  Attending these community benefits are a good way to visit with one’s relatives and neighbors that one hasn’t seen for a long time.  We found some of both to visit with.  The food was great and the fellowship was wonderful.  I think the only thing that is needed to make all the guys happier to attend these functions would be that the ladies provide twice as many coconut cream pies next time.  The donations given for the evening of food and fun went to help buy the equipment that is needed for providing better service within our communities.  Our sincere appreciation go to the dedicated men and women of the Goodhope Fire Department that take the time out of their lives to provide such wonderful care and safety for all of us.

Take care and remember to count your blessings.  Thank God for each and every one of them.