Rainbow Ridge

Norma Stillings and several other volunteers for the Long-term Care Ombudsman Agency attended a meeting and had lunch with staff members at the Southwest Center for Independent Living (SCIL) in Springfield, Monday. The two organizations made presentations and asked questions on how they serve people with disabilities. The goal of SCIL is to promote barrier-free environments for all individuals with disabilities. The goal of Long-term care Ombudsman volunteers is to assure that individuals in Long-term-care facilities maintain or improve their quality of life and retain their rights as guaranteed by certain federal and state laws.

Carl Fletcher of Bois D’arc and Donald Fletcher of Ash Grove visited their brother, Billy Fletcher, Friday morning on the way to the farm. Billy Fletcher, Carol Riggs, Doris Holman, Stanley Goodrich, and John Fruhe had Easter Sunday dinner with Fred and Charlie Lindberg.