Rainbow Ridge

Norma Stillings had a busy week. She attended the Douglas County Homemakers meeting where representatives of the Nubbin Ridge and Star Workers Clubs met to make plans for the DOW Spring Fling that will held April 17. Then she had lunch with the Retired Teachers at Pizza Hut. That evening she attended the Support the Handicapped Board meeting at the sheltered workshop. Norma had a doctor’s appointment Wednesday morning. She attended the Ladies Bible Study at Bethany Baptist Church, Thursday morning and the CHART meeting at the MOCH Clinic Conference Room at noon.

Pete and Anna Goos of Lee’s Summit stopped by the home of Norma Stillings, Friday afternoon before meeting Carl and Mary Goss for supper to honor Carl on his birthday. Pete and Anna came again Saturday before going to Springfield to meet with several members of Carl and Mary’s family that came together there to celebrate that birthday.