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4-16-12. Such terribly bad weather all over the U.S.A. I hope all of you are safe. We didn’t get any bad storms right here, thank God, but a lot of wind the last few days. It blew a big dead limb out of one of the cedar trees here in the front yard. But I think it was probably the limb that blew out a long time ago and was caught up there by the other limbs and had been hanging there for a long time. There’s probably more wind damage around here, but I’m not going out to see. In Rock Island Rob and Sharon’s daughter was on the bed with six kids watching televesion and the wind blew a large glass window from the neighbor’s house and it crashed through the roof of her house right over the bed where they were, but thank God non of them were hurt. But she can’t stay there until the roof is fixed. There were two tornadoes in Iowa that I know of that night (Saturday) but there may have been more by now. I haven’t listened to the news yet this morning. I heard there were ninety in Kansas yesterday.

We were fortunate enough to have some visitors Saturday afternoon for a little while. Walt’s granddaughter, Candi and fiancee, Jarred, had been out enjoying some leisure shopping West of here in Williamburg, Iowa at the Tanger Mall and then Coralville at the Coral Ridge Mall on their way back. They stopped by here on their way back to East Moline, Illinois and brought us a really pretty big birdfeeder that looks like a red barn and it matches the birdhouse they gave Walt two years ago for Father’s Day or birthday. They will look pretty together.

In the Sunday paper coupons they had an ad for a tall Shepherd’s Hook with several other hooks and things on it to put things like that so I think I may order it for when we move so we’ll have a place to hang all our feeders. We have the big feeder out here under the tree that he made and we put regular seeds in that. Of course we can’t take it and then we have two or three gold finch feeders with thistle seed in it, then we have three hummingbird feeders and a big oriole feeder and two suet baskets. So we will need something to hang them. Here we have long hooks hanging from the tree to put them on then we have a rope going from the house to the tree to hang the hummer feeders and oriole feeder on. Those little red headed woodpeckers drink that water from the oriole feeder all the time.

I forgot to say that Candy and Jarred got us a cute rain gauge too. They said the gifts were for watching the pets, but we told them they didn’t need to do that. But it was nice of them to do that.

I need to get this ready for the pony express to take to the mail. I hope the wind doesn’t blow him and Ole’ Risky away. Bye, bye for now.

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