Quad Cities

4-9-12. Good morning and it is a very good morning and yesterday couldn’t have been any nicer for Easter if it tried. We came home from East Moline yesterday. We had beautiful traveling weather too.

We went to the Cities Friday morning. As usual Walt let me out at Silvis Wal-Mart. I finished my shopping and went over to the groceries to get Walt’s list for him so we’d both be ready to check out when he came to get me.

When I got there I saw Frank Dee Allison. We had a nice visit as always, then while we were still talking, Walt (Bob) came back to get me so him and Frank got to visit awhile, then Walt and I did his shopping then went to the house in East Moline to pet sit the pets while Candi and Jarred went to Michigan. Frank was telling me he had company recently. His daughter, Cheryl, her husband, Bill and Bill’s mother, June (Bostic) Cross came up from Mursey, Tennessee. Bill and Cheryl stayed with Frank and June stayed with her son, Gary, and his wife, Pam White. I believe they live in Hampton, Illinois. And Frank’s granddaughter, Jennifer Simson from Cedar Falls, Iowa and her three sons, William, Issac and Ean visited him and also visited Gary and Pam White  and while there took the boys to play at the Hampton Park. That was around two weeks ago. That’s a good part at Hampton. Lots of things for the kids to climb on and of course, slides, etc.

I asked Frank about Jeff Heatherly and he said he was about the same. And Frank had taken him a couple of Douglas County Heralds to read. So, “hi” to Jeff and Betty and you are still on our minds and I hope we get to visit you again before too long. We wish you the best. And also the same for Kathy Cox. We haven’t forgotten you either.

We’re usually just in the Cities for one  day each month and by the time he does all the running he has to do he’s tired and we take time out to eat lunch and try to meet Rob and Sharon for lunch if possible. Then we usually start on home. This time whe had two day so we got to visit Frank in the store then we met Walt’s granddaughter, Amy and little Jackson for lunch on Saturday and we both got to hold Jackson again. You can tell he’s heavier. I forgot how much weight she said he’d gained. But he looks really healthy and he’s still just cute as can be. Amy really looked good too. She’s a pretty woman and Jackson looks a lot like her. Anyway it was sure nice to get to see them both again too. Jackson had his eyes open looking at things. While Walt was holding him he kept his eyes on Amy the whole time except for a couple of times I got him to look at me when I took his picture. Then he was looking at a red lampshade up over the table for a long time. He was across the table from me when Amy was holding him and he was looking at me while I talked. He’ll be two months sometime this month. Amy said his grandmother had him laughing out loud one day. That’s her grandma Shamsie. She’s a nice lady. One day while we were there Rob came by and visited for a while. He was on his way home from the store. That’s Walt’s son and it’s always good to visit with him.

We need to go to Tipton and get my mail from the post office, so I better get ready. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.