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4-2-12. Well, a good morning to everyone and a beautiful morning it is. A little breezy, but that’s okay. We had a nice weekend too. Walt mowed the grass again. It sure looks pretty.

We will go to the cemetery this afternoon and mow Jeff’s grave and put new flowers on it and of course, take the old ones off. I just love Spring with all the different shades of green and the flowers and some of the trees with flowers on them.

There is a lot of Redbuds blooming close by now. They are so pretty. I need to start carrying my camera with me again when I go places. We went to Muscatine last Wednesday and did our shopping. Walt hadn’t bought a birthday lunch for me yet because I’d been sick so he did that Wednesday. Of course we ate where Lisa works. Walt told her he was buying my lunch for my birthday and she said, “How many birthdays do you have?” Because we’d been in there two weeks before and the family met us and Anita bought my birthday lunch then. And while we were eating who to our wandering eyes should appear, but Anita and Jacob so dear. So we got to see them again and visit while all of us ate. That was a nice surprise. They didn’t have any cake there so later when Walt did his shopping at Hy-Vee he got a piece if cake and brought it home for me to eat later. He doesn’t buy me a whole cake anymore because of the diabetes, but I did have my cake and eat it too. We went to Tipton on Saturday and when we got back I looked over at the sidewalk and there was a little ground squirrel standing there on it’s hind legs and looking at us. It was eating clover leaves and then it pulled off a dandelion blossom and started eating it. When we talked to it, it would stop eating and stand real still listening to us. After we got in the house Walt took some small pieces of dog food out there and put on the sidewalk in front of it’s den and then I took my camera out there and took pictures of it eating the food. During last summer I quit seeing them and thought something had killed them and hadn’t seen them yet this year so I thought they were gone so I was really happy to see that one. I hope there’s more.

Walt’s granddaughter, Amy, called him this morning and said she’s going back to work tomorrow, but has Friday and Saturday off so they made plans for us to meet her on Saturday for lunch then we can see little Jackson again. I bet he’s changed his looks and grown a lot. We’re really looking forward to seeing him again and of course I’ll take more pictures.

We’re going to the cemetery today to mow Jeff’s grave and put new flowers on it and take the old ones off. It’s supposed to rain for the next few days.

I bet River Stillwood is excited over the new building she’s putting up. I think it will be nice for people to have a place to hang out and visit and all the other things she will have there. I bet a lot of people will use the horseshoe sets she is going to have.

The restaurant is sort of our hang out in Muscatine where we meet my family and visit with the waitresses and other people we’ve met there and Hy-Vee in Silvis, Illinois is sort of our hang out in the Cities where we meet Walt’s family, but busy public places like that aren’t quite the same. If I’m ever down that way again I will try to stop by River’s place and hang out and maybe pitch some horse shoes. And who knows, I might meet a long lost friend there. The last time I talked to “VanCouver Kay” she asked me how she could go about getting the Douglas County Herald delivered to her so I gave her all the information on how to get it. Haven’t talked to her since to see if she’s getting it, but if she is I’d like to say, “hello” and it’s about time we visited by phone again.

According to the clock I better get this ready to mail so walt can jump on “Ole’ Risky” and take it to the mailbox for me.

Take care of yourself and keep your feathers dry and bye, bye for now.

P.S. They had a picture in the paper of a little puppy that only weighed one ounce when it was born. It was in a litter of five and the mother had been abandoned and they resuced her and when the puppies were born it was the only little one like that and wasn’t breathing so they blew air into its mouth and it started breathing. They said it fit into a teaspoon right then. It’s three weeks old now and doing good. I bet people all over the world will be wanting to adopt it.

The two bald eagles have three eaglets hatched out this year in their nest at Alcoa. They keep a camera on them and show them on television pretty often. The babies are so tiny and they parents so big, but they take real good care of their babies. I hope they all survive. They just look like little balls of fluff. People are watching them all over the world.

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