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3-28-12 Well, here I am trying to think of something good to write about again and as usual, I can’t think of much. We’re still having good weather, but there’s only so much you can write about that. It’s been really windy a lot of the time, but that’s supposed to go along with March. That huge flock of Robins that were here the day it was snowing so hard left and now there’s the usual amount here. Walt’s been seeing the two little chipmunks out here, but we still don’t see the little ground squirrels. I guess something must have killed them last year. I sure miss seeing them. The flowers are growing like crazy and three bright red tulips are bloomed. Walt cut the grass once and is ready to cut it again. I haven’t heard any more about the apartment in Tipton. I don’t know how far up or down I am on the waiting list. I guess I’ll try to find out.

We went to Tipton one day last week and stopped in the store where Kathye works to see how she’s doing. She seems to be coping well since Fred’s death. I told her she can get a puppy or kitty or both to keep her company. I don’t know if she will, but she’s like me and loves pets like that.

Walt talked to his daughter, Berta and she’s stilling having trouble with her gall bladder. They can’t do surgery because of the blood thinner she’s been taking since the heart attacks so they told her to quit taking that until after they do the surgery.

We’re going to stay in East Moline after Easter so Candi and Jarred can go to Michigan for his brother’s 16th birthday. I don’t know who all we will get to see this time, but we’re supposed to see Amy and little Jackson. He’s probably changed a lot already. We’re going to Muscatine today and Walt wants to buy my birthday lunch so we will see Lisa again where she works.

They brought the horses back last week. They only brought four. Two of them are still at their son’s place near Tipton.

I have to get some stamps today so I can mail some more letters. So I suspect I better start getting ready to go. Sorry I don’t have any more news.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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