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Our weekend began with the 147th annual meeting of the Missouri Association of General Baptist, down at Piland Youth Camp. The meeting went well with opening services on Friday evening and business session on Saturday. Throughout the course of the meetings we heard four messages from the gospel all on the Theme of “No Compromise.”

Following through with our theme for this year our morning message this Sunday was, ” No Compromise,” with reference to texts in Galatians 6:10, John 18:37-38 and Dan. 6:10. The lesson to be learned being that we must not compromise: the Truth, the Message of the Gospel or in our ethical and moral values, regardless of circumstance or situation.

The evening message was taken from Luke 2:40-49 entitled “Losing Jesus,” with the illustration of Mary and Joseph, having left Jerusalem when Jesus was 12 years of age, not realizing that he remained behind in the temple. For three days, they had, “Lost Jesus.” The point being we can in effect do the same thing when we fail to pray, we get farther away from him than we should, when we fail to love our fellowmen as we should, we get farther from him than we should be, just like Mary and Joseph did that time in Jerusalem.

I noticed your seat was still empty, and I even kept a program out for you, come be our guest, “you don’t want to be the cause of wasted space ‘and paper,’ do you?” We’ll be looking for you, God bless.

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