Oak Grove Church

What a gloriously beautiful Sunday morning we had this last Lord’s day. After Sunday school songs of praise by the choir, our morning message was the Charge To Preach given by Paul in II Timothy 4:1-5. In this passage we are told to, “reprove, rebuke,” those among us who are living lives which are unpleasing to the Master. If you look in your Thesarus, you will find that both those terms in more basic modern terms mean to reprimand, admonish, take to task; basically “chew out” someone. This passage also says we are to do so with all longsuffering and doctrine.

We are further instructed to “exhort” which means to spur, goad, press, enjoin, in other words, “give someone a pep talk.” We hope if you come as our guest, we fulfill the commission of our Lord, by giving you His true gospel message.

After morning service we had a fellowship dinner in the fellowship hall, as far as I know, no one left hungry or unhappy.

After our dinner we adjourned to the lounge to watch home movies (DVD) which Sharon Skaggs shot, of our recent Cantata. You would have enjoyed it, we did.

Our evening message was entitled, “The Understanding Opened” taken from our text in Luke 24:45. We hope your “Understanding” of God’s Word is “Opened.” Oh yes, your seat is still reserved for next Sunday, or anytime you want to come and be our guest. God bless.