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I trust your Palm Sunday service was just as glorious as ours, hopefully you were involved in worship service at another church if you couldn’t come and be with us. We did miss you, and your seat wasn’t taken by someone else.

Our morning worship service began with specials from Beverly McNese, Branetta McNese and Lola Mayberry Then the morning message was “The King Is Coming,” from our text in Matthew 21:1-16. The story of the Lord’s Triumphal entry into Jerusalem accompanied by the multitude exclaiming, “Hosanna, to the son of David, blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.” Our focus was not only on the kingly entrance to Jerusalem, but the promise that soon He will come again. That’s right “The King Is Coming.”

We came back early in the evening to practice for the upcoming Cantata, which is scheduled for Resurrection Sunday, April 8, you are invited to come and worship with us, and sing praises to the King.

Our evening message was, “A Diminishing Self-Estimate,” from three separate references by the apostle Paul, to himself. He referred to himself as, “the least among the apostles,” “less than the least of the apostles,” and “the chief among sinners.” One who had right to boast, if anyone did, his humility was the hallmark of his life and ministry. Even like Jesus himself, Paul donned the cloak of humility, to see the robe of righteousness. Should we do less. Come worship with us, be our guest.

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