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Oak Grove Church

We had a glorious Sunday morning service. After Sunday school we were treated to special music by Ella Faye Mitchell and then by Branetta and Beverly McNese.

Then came our morning message from Psalm 90:9 entitled, “As A Tale That Is Told.” Relating the tie between our lives and scripture. We are told that we spend our lives, “As a tale that is told.”

We looked at parallels between the types of stories we see in the adventure, fiction and non-fictional realms and how that might relate to our own lives with or without Christ. Our children read the story of our lives, and many of the lesson of life they learn from the tale we tell, by how we live.

There was a practice for our upcoming Resurrection Sunday Cantata, Sunday evening. Your voice would make a nice addition to that effort, and yes, your seat is still available. By the way, in case I forgot to say so, no one else can take your place. Come and join us next Sunday in worship and praise to the Lord.

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