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I was so sorry to hear about the death of Eugene Bennett, a very good friend. He was such a nice man. Please remember his family in your prayers.

Vera (Hill) Burkholtz had an accident recently while riding her horse. She was hurt quite a bit and is still recovering at home.

This week on the 28th of February, Leo celebrated his 86th birthday. We didn?t have anything planned but several members of our family came. Levi and Stacey and son, Peyton McDaris, Melinda Vaughan, Cooper and Carson. Shawn, Shelly and their four children and our daughter, Leah Vaughan. She brought Leo a birthday cake and ice cream. Emily, Shawn’s daughter, brought cookies she had made and Stacey brought both of us a pizza. Levi played catch with the little boys and they had a great time. I bet he was tired when he got home. My little neighbor boy, Weston, and dad John Dawson came. Last evening Weston came again with brother Preston and he wanted to know why those little boys called me Grandma. He was quite concerned. I explained it to him. He is almost five and really is sharp.

The Macomb Sunshine Club met last Wednesday. Only three members showed up, not like last month, they must have forgotten. I went to Springfield with my husband and daughter Teresa. We had some things we thought we needed to do.

My! So many flowers are blooming. I can’t take good care of mine. I have a few tulips.

I enjoyed visiting with John Moles, Shirley Neuroth and Jo Ann Gray at Teresa’s beauty shop yesterday. Vic Moles is usually with his dad for a hair cut, but recently he had a sick spell and his dad couldn’t take care of it so he went to the Seymour Care Center and is doing good as of now. Hope he continues to improve.

Ryan Vaughan, a highway patrolman, and my grandson, completed a month of training at Jefferson City yesterday. It had to do with water patrolling in case of an emergency. That’s the way I got it. He is a patrolman for Douglas and Ozark Counties.

We attended the program at the Norwood School Monday night to see two of our grandchildren inducted into the National Honor Society. They were Weston and Emily Chadwell, children of Shawn and Shelly Chadwell.

Our daughter Leah Vaughan mowed our lawn again today. Just a week ago she mowed it.

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