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I appreciate all our friends for visiting Leo and I at our stay in the hospital. It spent 30 days and he spent five after I came home. He had water on his lungs, which they removed and made it possible for him to breathe better. I was in there to take antibiotics every day to help get my leg well. It is much, much better but not completely healed yet. They said the circulation in my leg had much to do about it’s healing. Thank goodness we’re both home and feeling better but not up to par yet. We appreciate you all for visits, cards, calls and the good food we got.

When we drove by from Springfield Tuesday evening. I never saw such hard rain before. Shelly Chadwell was driving me and she did such a good job. I don’t know how she could see. I’m enjoying the last two days of sunshine. I can’t believe it’s spring now.

Yesterday our daughter, Leah Vaughan came and mowed our entire yard. She is recovering from knee surgery. I don’t know what we would do without our girls. Teresa Chadwell and husband Joe has been so helpful also.

Yesterday, Saturday, Teresa and Faye Keith went to West Plains for an open house of the Rub Shop where Teresa works. They reported a good time.

Bill and Naomi Gray recently took their son, Kevin Gray, to Ava for his birthday dinner. Naomi set out strawberry plants Saturday and to hear that made me hungry.

Friday evening Cindy Sullivan and her young daughter came to visit us, and Saturday Ryan Vaughan (my grandson) and family came to visit. They brought me some fresh eggs. I enjoyed their children, Cooper and Carson very much. Also his wife, Melinda.

There is an auction this afternoon at the Luther Bradshaw home. Their daughter Laurel Hall is also selling some items there and maybe others. Sometimes our space runs out and we have to get rid of some stuff.

Rex Bradshaw and wife are moving back to their garage and parts store they built. They are selling their mobile home to his brother Lyle and family.

We’re hearing a lot about the next Presidential election. Sure hope something helps our economy.

Just recently we attended a birthday party for Dustin and Christy Chadwell’s son Justin and little daughter Kalie. Their birthdays are so close. Both are in March.

Doug and Christy Black are almost ready to move into their new house they built on old 60 Hwy., west of Mansfield.

I have contacted a lady that may write the items but she doesn’t know for sure. My eyes are so bad it’s hard to write them.

The Eastern Star group had a meeting at the Norwood Lodge last week. The storm was a threat but they fared fine. Jo Anne Gray and Faye Owens provided the food that was served.

The Norwood School celebrated from Friday noon until Tuesday for their short spring break. We haven’t had much bad weather this winter, hope that doesn’t affect our summer.

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