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New Hope Freewill Baptist Church

New Hope wants to extend extra praise to God for the appointment of His servant Bro. Norman Talbert as our new Pastor.  We are truly blessed to have Pastor Talbert as our spiritual leader and look forward to serving God with him.

Our New Hope family was overjoyed at the return of Bro. Mike and Sis. Dee Dee Santos and the new additions, baby Samuel!  Our little man is a wonderful testimony of the power of God and we pray blessings of love and unity within their family.  God has shown us all at New Hope a wonderful and pouring of His love and care.  We can’t praise him enough for the presence of Him in our lives.  All these signs He is giving of birth and renewal, I know He has wonderful things in store and I am just so excited to see what is next, so excited I could take flight!

Our weekly services here were so blessed.  We have a wonderful study group being led by Bro. Ludwig on Wednesday evenings over the book of Exodus.  He also leads our Sunday school adults class and they have just begun studying the book of Act.

Our children’s class is beginning their study on the tru meaning of Easter and did a fun craft to get them involved in why we celebrate this holiday

We had many testimonies to God’s wonderful touch and orchestration over our lives.

Our Sunday messages both tied in one with another.  The theme for our message was rebellion.  Pastor Talbert gave us two different depections of rebellion.  Sunday morning we hear the scripture from Acts Chapter 6, “Rebel with a cause.”  He touched on being in rebellion to the ways of Satan and the world.  To be hungry for God and go against the way of the world and serve the Lord.  There has been many before as Prophets, Apostles, disciples, Deacons, preachers, military that have fought and died for us to be able to have the fredom to follow after God and we spit in their faces by not doing so!

Our evening message was the other side of rebellion that I personally never want to be on the side that goes against wonderul God and creator.  Our scripture reading was from ISamuel 15:1-3, 10-14.  Constant rebellion to the will and way of the Master can lead to ends that none of us want to face.  God always knows what goes on in our lives and sin is sin no matter how hard man fights to justify the things that he does that pleases the flesh.  God’s words are final and just.  If He is working on you in an area of your life that you are in rebellion to give up, it could be a television show that might show a little too much skin, or uses inappropriate language, or a bondage you are suffering from maybe cursing, or anger or tobacco, or drinking, I beg you to heed to His convictions and allow Him to take charge of it, and give into submission to God rather than rebellion.  I Samuel 15:22 “And Samuel said, Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord?  Behold to obey is better than sacrifice, and to harken than the fat of rams.”

Please come and worship with us, we would be honored and blessed by your presence and the opportunity to be amongst God’s presence with you!

Wednesday Bible discussion at 7:00 pm, Sunday school at 10:00 am, morning service at 11:00 am, evening service at 7:00 pm.

Hope to see you soon and may God’s blessings rain upon you!

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