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Mt. Tabor Church News

A large group gathered at Mt. Tabor Church for morning services beginning with singing, prayers for many, many needs, Sunday school and great preaching services. We appreciate all the visitors and invite them to come back each time they can.

Brother James Hathcock was our guest speaker this week. His message in the early service was from the theme, “Jesus Is”, and asked the question, is He the one, or should we look for another, very interesting. The evening service was, “The Encore Church”, with many points about what brings folks back to a church, after they attend once. Glad to have many family members come out to hear Brother James.

Missouri Assn. begins this Friday night, 7 p.m. please attend if possible.

Sunday, April 22, will be our service at Heart of the Ozarks, everyone please come and help out.

Johnny and Pauline Pruiett from Illinois, came by to see his sister, Mae Cox, on their way home from the funeral for their brother, Thetis Pruiett, in Texas.  Others visiting Mae recently were Joe Cox, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Donna and Tom Nichols, who mowed Mae’s yard for her.

Those visiting with Bessie Hall this past week were Bonita Winingham, Jewell Elliott, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Tim Hall, Kim Clements, Kay Hutchison, J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett.

Bessie had not had an opportunity to visit Harold and Kay Hutchison in their new home so Kim brought her on Monday.

Bonita Winingham and Jewell Elliott spent the weekend   at a bowling tournament in St. Joseph. On their way, they stopped in Boliver to visit with grand-daughter, Ashley Elliott, at the college. Bonita returned to her Nebraska home from there.

Company for Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock this past week was Jim and Jo Hathcock, Jack and Jorie, and Eleazar and Rondo Soto. Eleazar had the misfortune of taking a bad fall, glad to hear his doing better.

Tom Elliott was seeing his doctor again this week and glad to know his tests and report was very good.

Imogene Madewell was seeing her eye doctor also, and was thankful for a good report.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown spent Easter Sunday in West Plains as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Johnson. They joined Doug and Kristie, Jadon and Kayley, as well as other members of Kristie’s family for Easter dinner. The Lansdowns were in West Plains on Thursday to help Doug with the children while Kristie was away for work.

Pat Lansdown and Jeanne Cox worked in Myrl’s yard Wednesday, getting her plants back out. Paul came and mowed the yard one day.

Harold and Kay Hutchison attended the Ava High School track meet Monday and the Middle School track meet, Tuesday. Morgan and Dylan  were participants and both did very well. Don and Evelyn Bryan made a trip to Joplin the latter part of the week.

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