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This is Monday and also my birthday. I had a delightfully happy weekend with Kim, Ruby and Jody coming to spend the night Saturday and I was blessed to have my family and friends honoring me with a surprise birthday party after church Sunday. And it was a total surprise. I waited 83 years for a birthday party because we didn’t have parties every year as children do today. In addition to my church family and my kids and families I was pleased that my niece, Katrice and Tim Kirlin came from Bolivar to her parents home and came. Also Darold and Ruth Evans and I was happy that Norma Evans came. Kim and Ruby made my birthday cake and Greg and Kasey grilled hamburgers. All my kids spent the day with me and I had four grandchildren also. I missed Jessica and Aaron and I talked to Aaron via phone. Jessi will be by today. Nicole came from Springfield.

I have been so blessed all my life and I am awesomely thankful for the parents and siblings and children and their families that God granted me.

The only sadness my day was when we got the news that Danny’s father, “Bud” Leroy Dry had been called to his heavenly home. Our community is grieving with that family. Bud was dearly loved by his children and liked and respected by everyone who has ever known him. My deepest sympathy to his loves ones.

John Haskins called me Friday to tell me that Lorene Maloney was released from the hospital and was recuperating in the rest home in Ava. Debbie Chance had called me Thursday to update me on her mother’s condition. Debbie’s husband had also been hospitalized and the family just gave up Debbie’s brother, Jarrett’s wife, so they all would appreciate prayers. I extend prayerful regards to all the family and I’d like to say, “I love you Lorene and hopefully I can get by to see you soon.”

Hester Tidwell called for a nice chat and we caught up on one another’s comin’s and goin’s. Hester had surgery on her eye lids and is well on the road to recovery, so much so that after a week she’s back to working in her yard and flower bed. ‘You can’t keep a good woman down’ is what I’ve always heard. Hester’s stamina is amazing. The Lord has been good to both Hester and I.

Our spring club ‘outing’ was enjoyed by all members and guests last Wednesday, all except Jo who has outside and inside work to do often to the neglect of Jo. Pray for Jo and Newt as he recuperates. Through faith I believe the pacemaker will make a big difference in the way he feels.

Karen came by Thursday and took me to Kasey and Terry’s for an inside tour of their new home. I am happy for them. Ruth and Burr and I visited Kasey and Terry Thursday also.

Rebecca Moore likes an update on my planter garden and was asking in church how my garden was doing. My plants are flourishing. I have lettuce, radish, kohlrabi, onions, potatoes (a few), pepper, garlic and eight tomato plants growing in tubs and I’m running out of room. I have one more large planter for more tomatoes. I do wish I could plant a big garden. If able, I’d love to hoe and care for all kinds of plants. The Moore’s have worked very hard on gardens and an orchard and are hopeful for rain to have a better second year on their place. They now have a greenhouse.

Everyone seems to be in the gardening mode possibly due to the early spring and the high priced food in the grocery stores. Home grown food is indescribably better tasting and so much better than the salty food you buy.

Karen’s place where Lee VanCamp lives has a beautiful yellow rose in bloom and a pink one and her snowballs thare are beautiful, with clematis ready to bloom. Also Karen and Greg’s place in Wasola has many blooms and a very nice garden. They share their greenhouse with Kasey and I.

Kevin and Donna and kids visited Donna’s parents  Harold and Mary Mitchell during the weekend. Donna’s niece was there, (Whitney) with the new little boy, Hunter, for his 1st birthday celebration.

Greg and Dwight Evans had dinner with their mom Norma one day last week while taking a break from turkey hunting.

Devin visited over the weekend with Ruth and Burr. He enjoyed church Sunday and especially getting acquainted with Montana and Cheyenne Moore. He and Burr attended the safety meeting in Ava with Kevin and Kasey and all th area truck drivers Saturday.

Nicole visited her mom, Karen, and Greg Evans Sunday. She was here from Springfield for her dad, Robert Robertson’s wedding to a nice woman that Nikki likes. Congratulations to the happy couple. I hope for many years together for you – so my very best wishes.

Randall Delpt visited Newt and Jo Delp during the week and helped with chores that always have to be done on a place.

Burr visited one day with Larry Warrick.

Jean Frye appreciated the work Tim did getting some plants in the yard. One day they will have trees again and the landscaping is looking good. It takes much time and effort to recuperate from a devastating tornado that wipes out everything in a matter of a few minutes. As Jean expressed, you don’t even have time to pray until it’s over and then all you have to give thanks for is your life. I’m glad they have a nice comfortable home again.

Dyanna’s sermon Sunday was good and benefited everyone. I heard two people say it sure made them think about what it takes to have contentment. We all have too much. America seems to be filled with needy peoply.

I appreciated the singing and Burr’s song accompanied by Joseph and Devon. He sang a song his Dad taught him, and I was serenaded with the congregation singing the Happy Birthday song.

I’ll sign off with a big appreciation to everyone for all the cards and books, etc. I’ll try to continue writing the news from Little Creek into my 84th year, over 50 of them sending news each week to the Douglas County Herald.

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