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Little Creek

All’s well in the Ozarks! Weather wise that is. We had over two inches of rain in our rain gauge and this Monday the sun is out with nary a cloud in the sky.

But our community is very concerned and praying heartfully that a miracle will happen and Bud Dry will recover.

At last report there had been no changes so I understand the next few days are critical.

Newt and Jo Delp would appreciate prayers I’m sure. Newt had a pacemaker implanted last week and is home recuperating. Jim and Audrey Turner visited one day.

I had all my kids except Kim for dinner Sunday. Those here were Kevin and Joseph Taber, Karen Evans, Burr and Ruth Taber and Kasey and Terry Taber with children, Steven and Monica. We all went to Kasey’s place after dinner and the guys all helped to move a very heavy outdoor furnace. I went with Karen on to her house and Kasey’s and Terry’s family came also. We visited with Greg. Everyone agreed that Greg has a prize rooster. They have some new little chicks as does Jessica. Jessica has some guinea eggs setting. It’s nice to see the younger generation interested in farm projects. We all have gardens in progress. So with all the gardens in progress, eggs and soon rabbits, I will not go hungry for home grown food.

I appreciate Hildred sending me a card, pictures and letter. Hildred Knight never forgets my birthday. I don’t know how she remembers. I even forget my own, but remember through everyone reminding me. It seems impossible that 83 years have gone by so fast. If we only remembered along the way that days turn into years so swiftly then we would take time to enjoy one another more and appreciate all things better.

Hildred has a great granddaughter named Ruby and sent a picture. She has grown a lot since the last picture. All the children are beautiful. I appreciated the pictures.

Hildred reads my news in the Herald so I wish to say I appreciate it. And Hildred says she reads between the lines so I hope she knows I’m doing better. She writes of us keeping in touch and feeling close because we have the same heritage of growing up in hard times, but not knowing it was hard until we heard later.

Hildred has four great grands now, Ruby and sister, Leah and twins, Laney and Lauren.

I went to town with Karen Friday. We enjoyed lunch together and I just thoroughly enjoyed the day with Karen. Karen is my helpful daughter and I love and appreciate her and always have.

Kasey and Karen and Burr are excited and enjoying getting their gardens and orchards going and Terry and Karen are busy getting flowers growing. They are flower lovers like my friend, Hester. Hester thoroughly enjoys each bloom. I only have a few shrubs and lots of trees. I have a snowball blooming and dogwood and a rose. I have had lilacs and redbuds and pear. I agree with the poet who penned that “there’s nohting as lovely as a tree.” Only I like lots of trees. The men all tell me too many to mow around. I gave up on plants because dogs and flowerbeds do not co-exist and then I became unable to tend flowers. I love iris and there are so many colors now. I would have many if able.

Karen and I made a trek to the place where I was born and where Mom had iris. They are still growing. Karen and Terry got plants there to transplant. After 80 + years they are still growing profusely. They were called flags back then.

I appreciate Alma picking me up for club, so I did enjoy being with friends last Wednesday. We planned our spring outing this coming Wednesday when we will have dinner together in Seymour. The men folks will be without their gourmet quilters because home cooking will be set aside when the group will celebrate many years together each Wednesday in the old Clark School building.

Every week we all (even members) enjoy the close warm atmosphere and some consider it group therapy day. There’s lots of sharing and laughter and sometimes tears and the cooperative effort has produced a great many quilts over the years. I consider all my quilts “friendship quilts” There’s no problem with attendance for most and there’s no doctor appointments on quilt days. So we continue coming together to engage in relaxing rather than tension producing activities. And so after quitting I still continue to go.

My sweet home aid, Nicole, comes to boost my spirit. She is a true Christian and I am getting to know her two children through her telling of them. I am so lucky in who God sends my way for my nurse, Kayla, who comes weekly is a young Christian girls also. She went on a mission trip to El Salvador recently.

So I have come to the end of my items with not much news and just in time to get this in the mailbox as Nicole goes to get my mail.

Until next time, be happy and spread a little sunshine wherever you are.

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