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Mushroom season was short lived around here. The lousiest year we ever had. Turkey seasoni s now in full swing. They are not very plentiful in places. James came in one morning with no mushrooms and saw no signs of turkeys. Maybe someone will scare one by us. Some found several mushrooms. Shirley Halcomb’s nephew found enough and he gave lots of them away. Like anything else – some find mushrooms and get to kill turkeys and some of us don’t.

Happy 61 years to Junior and Betty Halcomb. They celebrated April 9. Their son, David, took them out for breakfast at Shoney’s in Ozark. They are two great people. We love you both!

Good to have Justin with us Sunday night at Garrison. He sang and Melany Stevens sang Sunday. 59 was the count. James brought weekend messages. Next Sunday evening they will meet to do trash pick up around 3 p.m. and have hot dogs and fellowship.

One of Garrison’s Church members, Claudine Steiner had surgery Thursday. We met some of her friends and they are real nice folks – the Carsons and a lady by the name of Audry who lives on part of the Ed Stafford place and another couple. Sure made the day pass as it was a long day, into the late evening hours. James and me visited Claudine and Randy on Friday. She needs your prayers very much.

James and I had a nice chat with Bill Gardner. His brother, Bob, got robbed the other day in day light hours. He lives where Bill and Sue used to live across from the Church of Christ Church in Oldfield.

The Martins have arrived. They sure make a noise. A wren has laid eggs in my flower pot. I have artificial flowers in it.

Janie Morrison visited Betty Halcomb and Iona Maggard.

Three cheers for Ruby Satterfield who writes the Little Creek column. She has interesting things about days gone by. But I sure agree on her column when she wrote about having the government have a council of the old folks to advise them. People who experience and have gone through things are the wisest. That is like parents telling their children things to help them to get through life and they detest it. People who have made a living by the sweat of their own brow know.

James and me picked some poke salat. He won’t eat it, but he picked it, helped cleaned it and I froze several packages. The seed potatoes we planted of our own look good, but the Yukon gold had some that didn’t come up. When I was a kid, Dad always wanted certified seed and not select. I think they are all select. In other words, 2nd grade potatoes. He always planted 100 pounds. I can see him yet still rolling tators out of the ground with ole Bess or Buck, one pulling the plow. I got tired picking them up. As long as one rolled out he kept going, so Mom and I did too, picking up tators for the winter. We sure raised better gardens back then. Back in those days you did what your elders said. No back talk.

Junior, Betty and David Halcomb had dinner with John and Connie Siler. They helped their daughter, Amanda Evans, celebrate a birthday and maybe a late Easter. Amanda’s family was there. Later Brad, Patty and Adalynne Siler came. Junior said they had a good meal. Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Have a good week and may God bless you and yours.


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