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The grass is growing faster than the mushrooms are popping up. Several are fishing a lot pretty slow here. Hope it gets better. The lakes are a mess due to high water.

James retired and we have done less fishing. They say you retire to work, I believe it.

Gracie Williams called with some items and I appreciate it. March 20th Gracie Williams and her brothers, Buck, Jimmy and Bobby Nelson went to their aunt Edna (Maggard) Hawkins’ home in Sparta to help their aunt celebrate her 99th birthday with her and her children, Ivan Hawkins, Lavern and Jerry Hall and son, Ronnie Hall and Janice Hankins and Gorman Hawkins. She is still spry and sews.

Happy Belated Birthday Edna.

Gracie’s granddaughter, Amber Blakemore went to Columbia. Her school choir placed 2nd place in competition.

Jeff Powell, Lacey Powell and friend, Kyle, Loetta Nelson, Lindsey Mitchell and some more peoole visited Sunday at Jerry Nelson’s.

Rex and Shirley Halcomb and James and me went to the cemetery to put Easter flowers on Dad and Mom and our little brother’s grave. Shellie Marler had mowed it. It always looks nice after cemeteries mowed. Junior and David Halcomb and Kit Grimes visited. One can tell they are getting old, I called Donna Loveland and got her sister-in-law, Irene Swearengin – at least the number started with a 5. I asked James – isn’t it 5577? Anyway it wasn’t, but we had a good visit. We do strange things, but still have mind to know it. I guess it’s bad when you don’t recognize the things you do wrong.

A week ago Sunday James and I visited Noel Shortt at his home. We visited Buddy and Mary Gibson also.

Garrison Baptist Church will have Sunrise Services at 6:30 a.m. Someone will be at the church to show people the location and also signs will be posted. Come join us. Pastor James Orick will be the speaker with a bountiful breakfast. Evening services at 6:30 p.m. will be dismissed. Breakfast will be at the Garrison Church and an egg hunt is also planned. Come be with us and later you can attend other churches or your home church. You are always welcome at Garrison.

Sunday we had communion service. We have communion the Sunday before Easter and the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day. James thought this would be two good dates of the year. Some wanted it twice a year. Glad for our visitors and always welcome them and those that are members coming back to help. We thank God for all them. 56 were present with 58 the Sunday before.

I appreciate Annie Goin for my new hair do. Miracles do happen, don’t they Annie?

Dorothy Phillips visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb.

Janie Morrison attended a wedding shower for Kirsten Burks. Janie enjoyed lunch in Ava at Phyllis Bloomer’s home with her twin granddaughters. Janie visited Charley and Rosa Robbins.

Remember Easter Sunday the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Sunday should always be a time to worship and praise God. But we should live it everyday as if it were our last and get ready to meet Him. No one is perfect, God was the only one, but when we faulter He is there to forgive. Man may not, but He will. If you are made fun of, talked about and you are a Christian, then you are doing some good. Don’t please man, please God.

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