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Hello from our home to your home, We welcome Bertha Mattijetiz back with us,we hope she enjoys her stay with us.

Tom and I had a weeping good time today while dicing up onions for the corn salad, but the salad was good anyway.  Ray and Bill were dicing up peppers while Peggy, Stella, Norma and Angie were cutting up tomatoes.  We were making this salad for the salad bar.  You just mix corn, diced peppers, tomatoes and onions up and then pour ranch dressing over this mixture.  Season to your taste.  All residents and staff enjoyed this wonderful salad prepared by us in the Cooking Club.  Evelyn Harper from Hospice Compassus called games for us this afternoon.  Ms. Evelyn always hands out treats.

Oh, it is raining!  I love to hear the rain!  It is now Wednesday morning and guess what it is still raining.  No van trip for us.  Betsy Mason in the Therapy department said the fields out her way looked like swimming pools. Thursday morning residents started stuffing Easter eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt, this year we are stuffing 4,000 eggs for the Ava Head Start and the Ava Elementary kindergarten class.  The Easter bunny will be on hand to hop along with the kids.  At 10:00 am, Pastor Jeff Smith from Three Rivers Hospice was here and led our group in singing a few songs of worship and then spoke to us about the meaning of true worship and why we should worship our Lord God and Jesus Christ, our Savior followed by a few personal testimonies.  We are truly thankful for these times of spiritual refreshing.  Christian virtures are always promoted by our home.

Jerry Swain is a faithful visitor to his mother, Delma Swain, we know she realizes he is here for her.  It reminds us of Mr. Teeple who visited his wife everyday and fed her for years so faithfully when she was a resident here.  Also, Bob Siler, in all the years his wife, Dorothy, was a resident; such faithful men!

Maxine Turner had a wonderful day on Saturday as a number of her family and friends came with party supplies and celebrated her 82nd birthday by rejoicing together and playing games.  They shared many of their goodies with other residents as well.

Maxine Lirley called a good game of Pokenno at 2:00 pm with Daryl Knapp winning 4 out of 6 games.

Saturday morning Norma Stillings played the piano followed by church service with Bro. Tom Hawkins.

Sunday school was taught by Bro. Larry Moore and in the afternoon Gridner Church was here to worship with us.  We truly enjoyed the wonderful church service.

Our hearts are sadden by the loss of Mrs. John Haskins, the couple had been married over 75 years.  We will truly miss her smile.  Congratulations are in order on Jim Fleetwood on getting to go home this week.  The Fleetwood family will be missed in our home.  We would like to welcome Bertha Matthijetz and Lottie Sanders to our home.

God bless you from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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