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Lasts Weeks News – We had a beautiful Easter Sunday. Our pastor brought a good message on the Resurrection of our Savior.

After Sunday school and church Ann Collins and Ella May Daughterty went to Rockbridge and ate a late lunch.

Agnes Williams spent from Friday until Sunday evening with Janet, Paul and Katlyn Smith.

Karen and Doug Fredrick visited Sirena, Jared, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw Sunday.

A big crowd attended  Bro. J.D. Williams funeral on Friday.

Karen and Ted Collins visited Monday with Ann Collins and Ted mowed her yard for her.

We extend get-well wishes to Bill Emery and also to Jr. Shelton, he and Carolyn came for church Sunday.

This Weeks News – On this bright beautiful Monday morning I’ll finish my little bit of news. We missed having any storms, but got a nice rain of over one inch.

I enjoyed a nice visit with Laurie Thurman one day last week while her husband Robert mowed my yard.

We extent our sympathy to the family of Lonnie Hicks, he was the last survivor of the Icy (Moss) and Dan Hicks family.

Carol Wise and Riley O’Shea of Springfield came down Saturday evening and spent the night with Ann Collins then yesterday Carol fixed a birthday dinner in honor of Ann whose birthday is today the 16th. Those enjoying the dinner and visiting were: Agnes Williams, Ella May Daughterty, Bertha Scherer, Janet Smith, Ted and Karen Collins, Doug and Karen Fredrick, Christy Hartzell, Darren and Melissa Causey, Autumn, Brian and Blaine, Carol and Riley and the honoree Ann Collins.

Until next week, be a good neighbor and God bless

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